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Ever see a bargain on food, but wonder how you're going to stock up and store it? The packaging is too bulky and putting food in the freezer without it often results in freezer-burn. Or maybe your freezer is just too small. With a vacuum sealer you can put pack all your food in safe storage for as long as you need.

Even using a fridge, vacuum sealers preserve food up to five times longer than normal. Food vacuum-packed by a vacuum sealer is safe from aerobic bacteria and other sources of decay. Not only are vacuum sealers useful for preserving food, but you can also use them in cooking. Sous-vide cooking is even easier with a vacuum sealer: poaching food sealed in a vacuum package with sauce or marinade makes the flavour even stronger.

But that's not all! You can store and protect clothing and other possessions from damp and mildew in using a vacuum sealer. Vacuum sealers also compact clothing and bedding for storage, taking much less space in your wardrobe. If you're online shopping in Australia, make CrazySales your first stop for cheap vacuum sealers and vacuum sealer bags!

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