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Yoga and Pilates are more than just a fad and Crazy Sales has the goods to help you start or maintain your home workout routine. Check out our yoga and Pilates equipment to get in your daily yoga workout out or keep appointments with clients. The yoga pants craze looks the best on women that actually practice yoga. Make your yoga pants look great with a perfectly sculpted rear! Can't afford to pay for private beginner classes? Find what you need to get started in our selection of workout equipment. Find the resistance bands you need to give you the long lean lines provided by Pilates or the comfortable flexible padded mats needed to perfect your poses. Yoga is a great way to strengthen back muscles but for those who need to relieve a little back pain, an inversion table is just the thing. Save money on trips to physiotherapist or the discomfort of driving to the yoga studio. Balance, strength and flexibility are all available for anyone from beginner to advanced and instructors. Any fitness fanatic can benefit from our low priced, high-quality and often unique yoga and Pilates equipment.
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Genki Inversion Gravity Table
  • Save36%
  • $179.95


Genki Inversion Gravity Table Fitness Machine
  • Save10%
  • $199.95


Genki Folding Gravity Inversion Table
  • Save32%
  • $249.95


Exercise Gym Balance Ball Chair with
  • Save36%
  • $109.95


Resistance Bands Exercise Set
  • Save54%
  • $39.95


Genki Gravity Inversion Table
  • Save2%
  • $239.95


Blue Stability Balance Air Disc
  • Save38%
  • $44.95


HPF Folding Gravity Inversion Table
  • Save37%
  • $299.95