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    While this little sauna may look cheap, its no joke!! It works perfectly, is great quality and you will be sweating all over the place. Only thing is the instructions, which are damn near useless so hopefully the below helps you: SETTING UP 1. Put the frame together (the picture instructions with all the bits should be sufficient) Little hint, the shape of the bottom part of the frame is a rectangle, not square, the left and right sides of the base are the longer parts. 2. Unzip both sides the cover (front and back), lay it out, place the frame on top and then pull the cover up and over the frame. Push the frame into the corners until nice and snug and zip the back up only for now. This is enough to keep things in place while you do the rest. 3. Place the grey mat onto the floor of the now erected sauna 4. Unfold the chair and place it on the grey mat to the very back wall. If you find the chair is uncomfortable (we did), grab a big towel and fold it up to cover the seat, place this on top of the seat part and the legs of the chair wont dig into you 5. Take the longest white rubber tube and plug it into the little spout on the inside of the sauna cover, then plug the other end into the white container looking thing (this is the difusser). If you want to use essential oils, unscrew the top of the difusser, add a couple of small drops of your fav oil, put it all back together and place it towards the back under the chair. This is where all the steam comes from so you want it away from your feet where you could burn yourself. 6. Fill up the steamer to level M on the inside of the canister. Add the lid and lock it on tight. Take the remaining white rubber (shorter) tube and plug it into the little spout just under the handle of the steamer (yeah it took up a while to find that) and once secure, into the spout on the outside of the cover. Plug it in and you are ready to go. USING THE STEAMER TIMER: The timer is set in 10 min increments. If you want a 30 min sauna, set it to 40 mins because it takes a few mins to get start producing steam. It will do a double beep-beep when the time is complete but it does not have a auto turn-off function. NOTE: You will need to turn it off manually. HEAT: This thing is set to Programs.. so P1 is Program 1 and the lowest setting there is. P9 is the hottest. Imagine sitting in a kettle that is boiling.. Yup that’s how hot it gets for P9. Set it to P9 until you start getting steam and then turn it up/down depending on your needs. 1. Add cold water to the steamer canister 2. Turn On (remote or button on the steamer) 3. Set Time (10mins longer than required is recommended to allow it to heat up and start producing steam) 4. Set to P9 for steam action happening 5. When steaming, adjust to the required temp (P1-P9) CLEANING The cover is really easy to clean. Just throw it outside on the line to dry. After a couple uses and being aired out, its going to get a little stanky, so throw it in the washing machine with some light disinfectant and on the line to dry, same thing for the grey mat. You will need to take the frame apart to allow the inner tubes to dry out after a couple of uses (condensation gets in there). If you don’t, you will get some funky mould and it will make you sick. Be careful grabbing the diffuser, it might still have hot boiling water residue in it. Air out the chair The base of the cover is water tight so you can use this on the carpet with no problems of leakage. Anyways, hope this helps and you enjoy it as much as we did!!

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