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Latest Customers Reviews

  • Sonia

    Overall Rating

    2020-02-16 15:14:33
    Good Quality for Price

    This is excellent quality for the price. I have never played the ukulele before but I play several instruments and decided to give this a go. This is perfect for a beginner and it feels and plays like it will last a while. It falls out of tune the first few days of tuning but will hold after a few days of regularly tuning them- this is normal for stringed instruments. If you are expecting a professional instrument this may not meet your expectations but if you are trying to figure out if you want to play ukulele before investing a lot of money this is perfect. And the quality is still very good compared to plastic-y crappy instruments. This is very light weight and sounds good and loud enough to entertain your buddies at a party. I have no complaints about the sound. However I must say I expected the color to be more purple- mine is so dark you would think it brown until really really holding it up to the light. But it is a lovely little instrument regardless. I highly recommend this for beginner or just casual instrumentalist. There are so many free videos out there to help you learn as well. Good luck to all

  • Patricia

    Overall Rating

    2019-12-16 10:14:24
    5.0 out of 5 stars Her music teacher recommended MELODIC ukuleles for their aff

    Our daughter has been using one of the school loaners for the ukulele club. Once we saw she was serious about her musical interest we decided to purchase an instrument for her as a Christmas gift. Her music teacher recommended MELODIC ukuleles for their affordability and quality.

  • Kathy

    Overall Rating

    2020-03-01 20:05:10
    First Uke

    This was my first ukeI played on this for a few days loving the sound.

  • Jimmie

    Overall Rating

    2019-11-20 16:29:13
    Good value

    I just received my Ukulele and Im so happy It arrived 2 days sooner than expected and since this was a crazy little gift to myself I was super happy to get it early The product is as promised and I think its perfect for the price. Thats not a negative thing just for a musical instrument I think its a good value. I got a Ukulele to just have fun a weird offbeat and crazy thing to do. i have no idea how to play it and am a very busy business woman so I didnt want to sink a ton of money into a fancy piece. Understand this is a plastic ukulele and I believe nylon strings. It makes it seem a little more like a younger kid ukulele but after tuning it and using it a bit I dont feel that way - all my friends think its awesome they havent heard me play yet. It was very easy to tune via a video on YouTube and now I feel much better because it actually is sounding like music -If youre interested in getting in on the Ukulele fun I think this is a perfect piece to start with

  • Isaac

    Overall Rating

    2019-12-04 16:02:04
    Great little instrument updated review

    I am a music teacher with experience in winds and keys. Although I have strong musical knowledge and a good ear my little fingers have never learned string instruments. This was my first ukulele. Ive owned this "melodic" for about four months now and I have loved it. It took about a week of constant tuning to get it to stay tuned which is to be expected from ANY new instrument due to the movement of shipping and the change in barometric pressure between regions. After a week or two it held its tune quite nicely and now requires only minor tweaking every few days. Even with a trained musical ear I have been pleasantly surprised with how nice this little guy sounds and how easy it has been to play and learn. Im sure after a few more months I will want to upgrade to something more professional but this has worked out quite will for me as a beginner instrument. Ive been very pleased.UPDATE - I even bought 2 more this year for some new students and this time one of them was actually in tune right out of the box and the other was pretty close. If anything Id say the quality of these have gone up since the last time I purchased. A great instrument for the price point

  • Viola

    Overall Rating

    2020-03-03 18:13:19
    Awesome Introductory Ukulele

    At 31 years old I had never played an instrument. Then along came Steven Universe and some darn catchy ukulele songs and I thought "Hey that looks fun and the ukulele seems like a really friendly instrument. Lets do this"almost every day since purchase and it sounds great. It holds tuning well it has a bright happy sound and it never fails to cheer me up. Ill play some days for an hour or two at a time learning new songs or chords. Its a lovely ukulele for a beginner and so far has been very durable even for my rather boisterous strumming style. Ive flown with it a few times stowed under my seat in a light case and its done great not a dent or a chip anywhere and no issues with the strings it came with.

  • Leona

    Overall Rating

    2020-02-25 19:11:06
    First Step to be Covering Tyler Joseph

    Im a sixteen year-old guy who normally plays guitar but I wanted to try out ukulele too as kind of an add-on instrument. I got this as a Christmas gift from my parents last month. Its my first uke so I wanted one on the cheaper side...but the instrument itself doesnt sound cheap at allSTRINGS As other reviewers stated the nylon strings do not come already tuned tip from bottom to top its tuned GCEA. The strings wouldnt stay in tune for the first couple of days which is expected because they need time to stretch and be "broken in" but after re-tuning a couple times- they now stay almost perfectly in tune for long periods of time. Also an interesting thing is Im a lefty but I had a friend take all the strings off and simply reattach them the opposite way and it works for left handed players warning chords are different for right-handed players and left-handed players so find left-handed ukulele chords onlineUKULELE The uke itself looks great and has no errors in its finish or in its build as far as I can see and it sounds clean and crisp. Its also amazingly light in weight and easy to carry and hold. Other reviewers normally purchase the instrument for younger kids 5-13 years old but a teenager or a grown adult can play the instrument too. And its honestly pretty easy to play especially if you already have some sort of experience with in my case a guitar another string instrument.ACCESSORIES Along with the instrument itself comes a black bag to carry it in. Theres nothing special about the bag but it makes carrying the uke around easier and keeps the dust off of it. Three picks red green and purple of different widths come in a tiny bag as well. Overall I give the little uke five stars and would definitely buy again. Some examples of great musicians who use the ukulele are Tyler Joseph Grace Vanderwaal and Cavetown. Personally I love the instrument and Im a happy customer

  • Bennie

    Overall Rating

    2020-03-18 20:04:05
    Excellent customer service Great beginning guitar

    First off the guitar itself has been great for my very beginner 8 year old. He loves that it Came with its own case. I think its great looking with a nice blue color.When we first received the guitar there was a small problem with the guitar. I contacted the company and the customer service was first rate. They responded quickly and were very responsive. I highly recommend this item and company.

  • Ernestine

    Overall Rating

    2020-02-07 13:19:51
    Very good beginner guitar

    I dont use the strap or bag or any of the other accessories that came with the guitar but I love this guitar. It is such a pretty color it fits perfectly in my hands. I am a beginner so Im so glad I got this to learn on. I will be getting a new better guitar in the next couple of months but for a beginner guitar I think this is amazing

  • Leona

    Overall Rating

    2020-02-11 15:07:06
    Great value

    For the price this is a great product. I am a complete beginner and was just looking for something to learn on and this is perfect.

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