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About Abdominal Machines

Get the body you want without all the painful boring routines. Crazy Sales gives you an alternative - awesome abdominal machines! These machines have been specifically designed to support your neck, upper and lower back while you're working out so you can avoid all those aches and pains usually associated with home gym equipment.

The Ab Rocket Twister gives you access to two different workout styles and three different levels of resistance! Another great way to improve your cardio workout is to hop on a rowing machine. This fitness machine, available in hydraulic and standard models, is a complete body workout with a cardio focus to keep your heart healthy!

Want to improve your balance, strength and endurance all at once? The abdominal workout wheel is a versatile exercise tool for an instant intense workout. Change your stance up to the pressure!

Crazy Sales has low prices on all its abdominal machines, fitness benches, rowing machines and workout wheels. Enhance you physical routine, get the body you want, achieve your goals today with Crazy Sales.