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About Activity Toys

To improve development young children should to be stimulated by the world around them in an educational way. Crazy Sales has a selection of baby toys and activity toys that target the young age group to let them explore their senses. Learning to walk is no easy task and inevitably goes hand in hand with a lot of falls.

Our baby walker with a built in activity table provides a safe and fun environment to encourage little ones to walk their hearts out. If they aren't quite up to walking but are full of life on the ground, baby will giggle with glee when on an animal themed baby play mat. Music, sounds of the jungle, lights and mirrors will excite and engage baby at play time. Want a soft surface for your kids to crawl around on? Check out the Alphabet and Numbers themed floor mat, a hands on activity and a safe easy to clean play area.

Crazy Sales is very committed to the quality and safety of its products, especially its children's toys. Rest assured that your child can play safely and happily while learning about their senses. These toys can be baby gifts and are a great way to show you care for those newborns in your community. Take a look at our range today at Crazy Sales.