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About Aerobic Steppers

An aerobic step is a simple and low-tech Gym Equipment, compared to other electric sports gears like Vibration Machines, Treadmills and so on. It helps to exercise your lower body by making you going up and down the stairs. For many office workers and housewives, this is a great way to tighten the muscles of their thighs, waist and legs. A daily workout of 30-40 minutes can be helpful to lose weight and keep in shape. And you can add a variety of workouts besides just going upstairs.

We have various aerobic steppers online for sale, including simple steppers and adjustable stepper machines. All of them feature light weight so that you can easily take it everywhere you want to finish the workouts. The simple steppers only consists of something as simple as a raised platform, while the adjustable aerobic steps allow raising the platform several inches more, with shock absorbers in the bottom and better anti-slip surface.

According to our aerobic step reviews, there’re several main benefits mentioned about this new model:

Allowing Exercise in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Many housewives and mothers are satisfied with an aerobic step, because this model enables them to exercise in fragmented time without leaving the house. After dinner all they need to do is putting the stepper in an open space and starting workout. Whether it’s raining outside or not can’t stop your steps because of the aerobic step.

Accompanying Music Can Be Better

If you feel the exercise of going upstairs is dull and boring, turn on your music player and light up the whole workout with some hot music. Or some workout videos can become your guidance to improve your exercise effect.

To choose a most suitable aerobic stepper and gain the best workout effect, here’re some tips for aerobic stepper shoppers:

Choose a model with larger surface area or platform. One’s movement surface area usually are 30” by 11”, and our aerobic steppers’ dimensions are 40’’ by 14’’.

Weight capacity is a main consideration of getting an aerobic step. All of our aerobic steppers can load up to 250kg capacity, which means that you don’t need to worry about the weight capacity problem.

Number of risers depend on your exercise goal. More risers implies tougher workout actually. Most aerobic steppers have two or three risers for adjustable use.