An aerobic step is a simple and low-tech Gym Equipment, compared to other electric sports gears like Vibration Machines, Treadmills and so on. It helps to exercise your lower body by making you going up and down the stairs. For many office workers and housewives, this is a great way to tighten the muscles of their thighs, waist and legs. A daily workout of 30-40 minutes can be helpful to lose weight and keep in shape. And you can add a variety of workouts besides just going upstairs.

We have various aerobic steppers online for sale, including simple steppers and adjustable stepper machines. All of them feature light weight so that you can easily take it everywhere you want to finish the workouts. The simple steppers only consists of something as simple as a raised platform, while the adjustable aerobic steps allow raising the platform several inches more, with shock absorbers in the bottom and better anti-slip surface.

According to our aerobic step reviews, there’re several main benefits mentioned about this new model:

Allowing Exercise in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Many housewives and mothers are satisfied with an aerobic step, because this model enables them to exercise in fragmented time without leaving the house. After dinner all they need to do is putting the stepper in an open space and starting workout. Whether it’s raining outside or not can’t stop your steps because of the aerobic step.

Accompanying Music Can Be Better

If you feel the exercise of going upstairs is dull and boring, turn on your music player and light up the whole workout with some hot music. Or some workout videos can become your guidance to improve your exercise effect.

To choose a most suitable aerobic stepper and gain the best workout effect, here’re some tips for aerobic stepper shoppers:

Choose a model with larger surface area or platform. One’s movement surface area usually are 30” by 11”, and our aerobic steppers’ dimensions are 40’’ by 14’’.

Weight capacity is a main consideration of getting an aerobic step. All of our aerobic steppers can load up to 250kg capacity, which means that you don’t need to worry about the weight capacity problem.

Number of risers depend on your exercise goal. More risers implies tougher workout actually. Most aerobic steppers have two or three risers for adjustable use.

Aerobic Steppers Reviews

5 out of 5 from 494 reviews
great step

I ordered this as i was put off by the cost of steps from athletic stores. I got 2 steps delivered for less than the cost of 1 from Amart. Overall the step performs well. Its solid doesnt slip and stacks well. Holds my husbands 105kg which was a bonus. Could be a little wider but value for money i cant compalin. Great step for anyone wanting at home fitness solution.

Great for Aerobic Exercise

I ordered this item and it arrived the very next day which was great. The item itself is great for a cardio workout it really gets your heart going. It039s a little difficult at first to get the hang of balancing on it but it039s worth the effort. It gives your legs a good workout too using it and you can just hop on and use it for ten minutes anytime you want to. It comes fully assembled which is a relief and you can also put it out and use it and put it away again for the next time. I found it definitely worth the money. It039s also very sturdy so it should last a long time.

Great Product

The product arrived within 2 days of ordering. I had a go on it today and it works perfectly. I love how it displays the time spent calories burned and how many step you have taken. The product can be easily stored away due to its small size and is fairly light so it can be moved around with ease.

Sturdy fitness product

Well made easy to modify and does what it says. I use it for Wii Fit.

Purpose perfect

Just what I was after and didn039t have to pay 70-120 for them in the shops.Robust and easy to store when not in use

The same product used by professionals

This aerobic step is the same product used by professional trainers. It is strong enough to be used by larger framed people and stays firmly in place. The rubberised non slip top surface is excellent. The four feet supplied truly give you a strong work out. When coming back to step aerobics after 20 years I found that I needed to start with no extra feet underneath and gradually work up to higher levels.

Not bad.

I bought this machine for its three-in-one aspect and while it039s a little flimsy I get a fairly decent work-out on it. However I get the feeling it was made for a child because I completely dwarf it and at 50397quot I am by no means tall. It039s a pretty good machine for the price but if you have a little more to spend I suggest that you go for a better-made machine.


Thanks for the fast delivery and great product....I use one at the Gym all the time so it is great to have one home. Just a question where would I get the extra foots to make it higher for exercises.

Little disappointed

Product sturdy but very disappointed that I am unable to increase the height. I would recommend to anyone who only wants that height but I would assume as people get fitter they would want to be able to raise the height. I was hoping if I purchased a second step I could use the blocks off it to increase the height of earlier purchase.

Good Multi Stepper but came with broken pieces

The Multi Stepper comes with Dumbbells.The Dumbells are attached to brackets which are in turn attached to the Stepper.The brackets were broken when we unpacked the Stepper.

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