Air fryers adopt an oilless frying and toasting method to make the fried food healthier than ever. With heat air surrounding the food, it can reduce at least 80% of fat and calories in food. What's more, the using is very convenient and simple through the cooking modes, temperature and time setting. With an air fryer, DIY potato chips, toast chicken wings and even baking meat can become home snacks anytime. Air fryer reviews from our previous buyers can reflect how user-friendly it is.

Healthy cooking not only means cooking healthy food, but also ensures the one who cooks to get rid of harmful fumes.This is the concept of air fryers. Little-oil or no-oil cooking methods can keep fried food's original flavor in the healthiest way. Moreover, the scientific design make cleaning easy and safe, and also it can protect you from unhealthy cooking fumes. Oil-free meals allow you to keep slim meanwhile eating fried food from air fryers. Here, our air fryers like Maxkon air fryer is such an appliance to help get the taste you like without the guilt. At CrazySales, read our air fryer buying guide and you can get more unbelievable results and tastes after getting an air fryer.

Someone may argue that convection ovens can also achieve air fryer's functions. Take our Black LCD Screen Airfryer as an example. It's very convenient for the beginners because of the eight cooking modes signing food's name: chips, chicken, steaks, fish and so on. Unlike ovens, you don't need to consider the frying temperature and cooking time, and all you need to do is choosing a cooking mode and waiting to eat. Oil-free cooking has another benefit which may be neglected: easy cleaning-out. With simple washing in soup water for 10 minutes, all the grease and stains can be removed.

The main concept of kitchens in a modern family is no longer "delicious taste", but "healthy and delicious taste" instead. A healthy kitchen appliance like air fryer can always win people's favour by frying food without oil. The stock of the healthy small kitchen appliances at CrazySales, always aim to help you create a healthy kitchen for you and your family.

Air Fryer Reviews

5 out of 5 from 2704 reviews
better than the rest

OMG... why would you pay over 200 for the name brand air fryer when this does exactly the same thing. Quick spring rolls dim sims bacon to die for roast potatoes in 25 minutes.... quick and easy to use and clean.

Air fryer

What a great productfrom fish to steak to snacks it performs. The preset times are spot on.Does a great job on chips but the suprise to me was the steak and roast chicken.Cleaning is so easyno more waiting to preheat ovens

i love this item

needed to replace Phillips airfryer and saw the offer on crazysales. so decided to try this one. its less than half price and does the same thing. easier to clean and I love the wire basket. very good value for money and it works very well. love this product and would gladly recommend it.

Hot-air Fryer SO GOOD

This goody takes little space on the kitchen bench top. After removing the packaging I went on to discover. The tray slides easily open and close. There is a clearly lit control panel with pre-sets chips fish chicken meat etc.I can adjust time and temperature to my liking. There is a little instruction cook book with helpful hints.Every day I fry my chips the potato chipped by a dicer the chips then to dry on paper towel then spray a little virgin-oil on then into the fryer. Mmm I use it also to crisp softy bread rolls mmmWhat a successful little fryer using it daily often. And it takes not much electrical energy. I am happy with my purchase.I heard about it on TV and I discussed cooking on my monthly club meeting it was recommended but I was then waiting for a better price than offered on TV. Along came Crazy Sales to the rescue.

Fantastic - surpassed expectations

I purchased the Philips air fryer because I039m looking to reduce fats and oils in my diet. The idea of nutritious meals in a very short time also appealed to me. I am most impressed with the Philips Air Fryer it does everything it claims to do. I cooked a whole 1.7 kg chicken in 35 minutes it was deliciously moist and golden brown. Clean up is easy either washed by hand or dishwasher no splatter. I have no reservations whatsoever about recommending this product.

Air Fryer

Ive used it a few times but its going to be trial and error for a while. Would have appreciated a cooking hints included. The little cookbook only gives you a handful of recipes and I have not been able to find additional recipes elsewhere.Overall it looks like it will do the job well.

Can039t go wrong

Fantastic Product will change the way you cook.We had the first smaller model and now purchased the XL Model.Just love it

I find this item great

The air fryer is very easy to use and also it is very easy to clean. I have fried prawns and chips and both came out very crispy. I have also cooked other meals in the air fryer and have been pleased with the results.

I love this item

I have used this Air fryer several tines . It makes perfect roast potatoes and lovely crispy chips . This Air fryer is better than the more expensive brands i highly recommend this product.

Wow just wow

This air fryer is just amazing. Cheap but nothing about its performance is cheap. Tried cooking chips fish chicken breasts spring rolls vegetables garlic bread and many other things. It could cook pretty much everything. I am only wondering about one thing how come didnt I know this thing existed before

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