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We offer you the most humane and cheapest animal traps here at CrazySales with the best price. They're easy-to-set with positive spring-loaded trigger action and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
Our humane animal trap is perfect for catching those small critters like hare, rabbit, cat, dog, bird, possum, rat, fox and more that can sometimes become big trouble. This trap is a great alternative when removing pests without killing them and easy to bait, set and release. Its proven efficacy derived from extensive field testing means higher catch rate and fewer escapes.

What's more, the steel construction means it?s strong, durable and built to last. It has protective hand plate and carrier handle for easy handling.
All in all, we provide you animal traps high in quality and scientific in design. No matter which animal trap you like, you can get it from here or consult our CS if you have any needs. Come on, join us and get big discount!

Animal Traps Reviews

5 out of 5 from 151 reviews
We used hard boiled eggs as bait

My fowl pens are build to withstand a charging elephant but we knew something was taking my Guinea Fowl eggs. We ordered a trap and it arrived within 34 days. We set the trap in the fowl pen using boiled hens eggs as bait. The next day we caught a huge lizard. We took the lizard to the furthest most corner of our property and let it go - completely unharmed. A good result. The trap fold ups flat and is robust enough to hold anything caught with hurting it and secure enough that we were able to relocate the lizard safely without removing it from the trap first. I039m expecting baby Guinea Fowl to hatch any day now.

this will be very useful we have lots of foxes

This product will be useful on the farm. We have used it but as yet have not caught one. But will persevere. It is a good size for smaller foxes but we will need to consider a larger one as well.


The folding animal trap will be a wonderful addition to my cluttered shed. While in the box unopened I can stack other non-useful items on top. while once removed from the packaging it can be placed behind other more solid objects for support. I hope to catch a rabbit in it so the smell of the rabbit will be a handy pheromone in order to catch a fox which may endanger my chickens. When I have caught the fox I can then warn other keepers of small animals in my area of the presence of foxes though the medium of Facebook.

catchey product

this cage trap is easy enough to assemble and then is easy to set. it should work quite well.

Animal Trap

Great cage to use to catch amp release highly recommended.

Very handy

Great for possum catching they dont get hurt and easy to relocate in the cage. Would recommend to anyone with noises under the house.

Humane animal trap

The trap was very easy to assemble and once we baited it with peanut butter Possums love peanut butter we caught mum and child on the first night. Once we fixed the roof we let them go in our own gum trees. Definately recommend this to anyone with a possum problem.

The Humane Animal Cage Trap does work well.

I have used "The Humane Animal Cage Trap" to catch a feral cat that was killing my ducklings. It worked well. Feral cats are not easy to trap.Thank you.

Humane Animal Cage Trap

Fantastic Cage catches animals and easy to return them to the natural habitat hence they came from recommend to anybody wanting to remove possums from the roof save money do it yourself no expense. Strong Durable easy use

Possum No more

Bought this and hubby set it up simply.placed it in the roof and got our possum mischief maker within 3 days with the help of some apple and bottlebrush to lure him in. Took him to a lovely place far away from our roof near a running stream and lots of trees and freed him where he can no longer trash anything FREEDOM with a much better view so now everyone is much happier. Great way to catch a possum.

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