Auger Reviews

5 out of 5 from 25 reviews
You get what you pay for

Item is OK for what it is. It will deal with soft soil to medium dryish clay. It will NOT deal with tree roots even small pencil thickness and certainly doesn039t like rocks. It took a long time to get the thing to start over fueling and the instructions are a bit quotChinglishquot. The worst part was the two stroke mixing bottle that doesn039t seal. Shaking the mix resulted in my being covered in petrol. Also the ripstart cord cuts into the plastic case cosmetic.All in all I have now dug 5 holes to a depth of 600mm and I guess it was a lot easier than a shovel. But it certainly wasn039t quoteasyquot.Upshot If you have fluffy nice soil this is a good buy for digging deep holes. But you039ll still need a certain strength to use it. That is if you have any strength left after trying to get the thing to start

Fairly good for a fairly good price

I had good service with ordering and the product was delivered ahead of schedule.The augur arrived well packed and fully assembled.A bolt soon came lose on the handle and the throttle is not tight enough turns on grip. These were minor problems and soon rectified by me.I needed 13 holes at 300mm to a depth of 600mm. Some soil was nice and clean the rest was sandy with lots of large stones and rocks. The augur performed excellently on that clean soil but was no so good with the rocks. This however would be true of all augurs. The answer was to dig the rocks out manually then reinsert the augur. The problem I found is that it was not easily restarted when hot and I often had to wait 60 minutes for it to cool down. I soon however learnt that it was better to keep it on idle.It is easy to hold and whilst 300mm if a large augur for 1 man it is easily doable.I am glad I bought it and it seems up for most challenges - just make sure you have dig-able soil.I would buy this augur again and would happily buy from Crazy Sales again.

Boring sic product

Worked well packed perfectly a nice boring machine.

Great product

This post hole digger is fantastic. Our place is clay and shale pretty tough terrain and this digger seems to dig the hole with ease.

What a great digger

The Post Hole Digger tuned up in a good condition a few days after ordering. After filling and adjusting the digger it started on the third try and have not had any problems since.The unit is a bit on the heave side and requires a steady hold. Also do not push down too hard as it might bite into the soil too much. Otherwise no problems.

Great Digger

I am so impressed with this post hole digger. It starts easily and it is not to big and heavy to use single handed.I am primarily using this to dig 200 mm fence post holes in heavy black clay soil. It is far superior to a dingo digger I have hired in the past from a hire company and the secret I believe is in the type of auger supplied with this unit. The augers have a removable cutting blade at the tip which will actually cut through tree roots up to about 30 mm in diameter. The auger digs easily with no manual down pressure and it mostly self cleans the holes just by auger action alone without having to constantly lift the digger up.A product I can really recommend.

Great Product

Delivered promptly.Very easy to assemble. Performance was beyond expectation.


Great product exactly what was advertised i couldnt be more pleased. And the speedy delivery well that was the icing on the cake

partner loved it

Purchased this because my partner had wanted to borrow one to do some fencing so when I saw what a great price it was and so many extras with it I thought why borrow one when he can own it. He was surprised to see what good quality it was for the price and it was as usual delivered within a few days of purchase gotta love that.

I am hooked on crazysales

I havent unpacked it yet we are having a heatwave here with temps at 40 with the threat of bush fires. so I will be stuck inside for a while.cant wait to get out in the was very quick very happy with the service


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