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About Automatic Pet Feeder

Pet feeding won't be a tiring and forgettable job anymore with an automatic pet feeder. If you can’t spare your time to feed your pet, or hope to keep a fixed meal schedule to feed, you can’t miss our wide selection of dog bowls, pet feeders, auto pet feeders. With food dispensers, timers, and recording microphones, you can set food portions, feeding time and even meal calling voice for your pets. Crazy Sales is always there to never let your pet miss a meal.

Whether you have single one pet baby, or raise multiple pets at home, you can select “The One” feeder for your pets. Fixed portion and dispensers of a feeder can help your pets get rid of aggressive argument during feeding time. Besides, the safest material of our automatic pet feeders can secure the pet health. If you want some funny feeder to bring happiness to your pets, we also have cute water fountains for fun.

Therefore, confronting such a diverse selection of dog bowls and automatic pet feeders, how can you choose “The One” from multiple pet supplies of feeding for your dear little furry friend?

Step 1: How Many Pets do You Have at Home?

For a single dog or cat, a feeder at normal size will be enough. But if you have multiple pets, you’d better choose a large one with food dispensers to get rid of aggressive fighting during meal time. Of course the best way is buying several feeders for them respectively if you have no worries about the budget.

Step 2: Decide the Feeder Size According to Your Pet’s Size

Pets at different sizes consume different amount of dog food or cat food. For instance, a Chihuahua isn’t likely to have equal amount of food as a German shepherd dog. Moreover, for those large pets, you need to buy a bulkier feeder for them if you don’t want them knock off the bowl in every meal time.

Step 3: Check Whether the Automatic Pet feeder is Suitable for Your Pet

Since we’ve got a wide array of automatic pet feeders for various animals: dogs, cats, birds, fish and other little furry pets. Every type of auto feeders show distinction with each other, but they share one common feature --- making your feeding task at ease. 


Never ignore the benefit and convenience an automatic pet feeder can bring to you. Especially when you click Crazy Sales, large discounts and many surprising items are waiting for you!