Pet feeding won't be a tiring and forgettable job anymore with an automatic pet feeder. If you can’t spare your time to feed your pet, or hope to keep a fixed meal schedule to feed, you can’t miss our wide selection of dog bowls, pet feeders, auto pet feeders. With food dispensers, timers, and recording microphones, you can set food portions, feeding time and even meal calling voice for your pets. Crazy Sales is always there to never let your pet miss a meal.

Whether you have single one pet baby, or raise multiple pets at home, you can select “The One” feeder for your pets. Fixed portion and dispensers of a feeder can help your pets get rid of aggressive argument during feeding time. Besides, the safest material of our automatic pet feeders can secure the pet health. If you want some funny feeder to bring happiness to your pets, we also have cute water fountains for fun.

Therefore, confronting such a diverse selection of dog bowls and automatic pet feeders, how can you choose “The One” from multiple pet supplies of feeding for your dear little furry friend?

Step 1: How Many Pets do You Have at Home?

For a single dog or cat, a feeder at normal size will be enough. But if you have multiple pets, you’d better choose a large one with food dispensers to get rid of aggressive fighting during meal time. Of course the best way is buying several feeders for them respectively if you have no worries about the budget.

Step 2: Decide the Feeder Size According to Your Pet’s Size

Pets at different sizes consume different amount of dog food or cat food. For instance, a Chihuahua isn’t likely to have equal amount of food as a German shepherd dog. Moreover, for those large pets, you need to buy a bulkier feeder for them if you don’t want them knock off the bowl in every meal time.

Step 3: Check Whether the Automatic Pet feeder is Suitable for Your Pet

Since we’ve got a wide array of automatic pet feeders for various animals: dogs, cats, birds, fish and other little furry pets. Every type of auto feeders show distinction with each other, but they share one common feature --- making your feeding task at ease. 


Never ignore the benefit and convenience an automatic pet feeder can bring to you. Especially when you click Crazy Sales, large discounts and many surprising items are waiting for you!

Automatic Pet Feeder Reviews

5 out of 5 from 2267 reviews
Good Product Good Price.

These feeders are sturdy and work well. My dog is much too big for these to be of use to her but they are ideal for my cat hold 4 - 5 days of biscuits and wet food can be added direct to the bottom if required. Very pleased

auto feeder

This is great value I used them for feeding my guinea pigs whilst I was on holiday and have continued to use them since.

Great Product

Recently bought a puppy and due to no leave for a couple of weeks needed to keep to the 3 meals a day. I Was able to leave the pupply inside and have this turn on after i left so she had her mind off the alone feeling. then redo at lunch time so she had the 3 meals day. Love the option to be able to record a message to get her used to my voice when i was gone. Once she was outside she was able to continue with her 3 meals a day.

Large bowls amp far better than bowls on ground

I bought a similar product to this from another store however this one from crazysales is better as bowls are much bigger.Though I haven039t measured water volume I approximate bowls to be 2-3 times bigger than the other online store039s. Of course dog food would be suitable but I use both bowls for water for my German Shepherd amp they both hold ample water for her plus I don039t have to fill them as frequently as the other similar product. Structure is strong enough to hold full bowls of water amp hasn039t collapsed as long as it039s assembled correctly amp tightly. I know she likes eating amp drinking from these at an elevated level. I like these as much as her in that I don039t have to bend down to drop foodwater to dog bowls on ground plus cane toads no longer sit in my dog039s water when her previous bowls were on ground.I also don039t find worms amp other crawling creatures in her raised water bowls like I did with her ground bowls. So this product039s bowls seems to no longer attract unwanted creatures who want to sit or swim in my dog039s water Bowls also don039t get my dog039s shed hair blown in like the ground bowls used to

No more hungry cats

I039m very pleased with the pet feeder. The instructions are in English and clearly written and easy to understand. This pet feeded uses 3 x C size batteries not 4 D size as in the product description wasted buying batteries ready for the product and had to return to the supermarket to get the correct size. Overall the product works well and serves the correct amount of food. I use Whiskas biscuits and they don039t get stuck and do not jam the machine.

That the best

Glad i got this pet feeder Never know about it and now i won039t live without it. What a great invention

Now I can sleep in

I use it every day as the cat starts its breakfast campaign very early in the morning. I have not had any problems with it it works exactly as described. Bit disappointing to discover that the cat likes my voice more than me - the first time she heard the recording she was sitting on me trying to get me out of bed. She jumped off the bed and ran down the stairs You can set it to run 1-6 times per day after six times you have to refill it so I set it to feed once a day and can now quotsleep inquot for a few more minutes every day


Great quality easy to put together. Bowls are bigger than expected which makes it even better. Now the ants dont get in my dogs bowls -

This is Brilliant

I bought this to top up wet feeds for our outside cat while we were away for a few days. Luckily got it two days before we left so I could program and trial it. WOW this is so much better than I thought it would be. Set it to deliver 14 cup of dry food 3 times a day and recorded a message for our cat as well. Not sure who thought it more amusing on the first trial - me or the cat who was looking around everywhere for where mummys voice was coming from hahaha. I can thoroughly recommend - I have continued to use it since we got back. You just need to make sure you keep your food level up but it hold heaps. Very sturdy easy to program just a terrific product.


This bowl setup is fantasticI bought this for my son039s dog who is a greatdaneMastiffridgeback....Very tall boy.And watching him reach to the ground to eatdrink looked so hard for himto get down so low....But now he is a different dog....No more stretching his neck to reach the bowls....I cant recommend this enough....Thankyou so muchCrazy Sales 5 Stars from me....

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