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Crazy Sales in your number one place to find discounted automotive accessories online. Find the latest trends in car audio and video equipment at bargain prices! It's not easy to get rid of your first car but it also needs expensive maintenance to keep it in proper working order. Let Crazy Sales help you hold on to your memories and save money with our range of car accessories. We stock supplies for amateur gear-heads, professional auto mechanics, mobile mechanics or emergency equipment to make sure you are not stranded on the road.

At some point we all get a call from a friend or loved one hysterically panicking on the side of the road; check out our battery chargers and jump starter equipment at amazing low prices to help repair basic issues in no time. Change a flat tire with our choice of manual car jacks or air hoists or our spare tire storage bags. Whatever the issue is Crazy Sales has corresponding solution for your minor and major car issues. Avoid pricey yet simple diagnostic trips to your auto mechanic when you check out one of our DIY car kits. Check your alternator, repair your air conditioner and check your oil in the comfort of your garage. Make your major car repairs at minimal cost when you choose from our collection of car tools at Crazy Sales.

Having a working car is great but having a smooth ride is just cool. Customize your car with our great deals on car speakers that make sure that everyone who doesn't see you can definitely hear you. Our wide selection of DVRs and car reversing cameras help make sure you take every precaution to make the exterior of your car free from scratches, dents and dings. Using the car cameras to record a particularly scenic journey or to be a witness for minor fender-benders. Our high quality super bright car lights take the stress out of finding lodging for the night for fear of low visibility.

Crazy Sales can also make sure you carry your sports and camping equipment safely and with no damage to your car. Our high-quality discounted bicycle racks and kayak carriers are perfect for sports enthusiasts to carrier their equipment with confidence. Check out our luggage racks for long summer journeys.