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Automotive Reviews

5 out of 5 from 3486 reviews
Does not come with a SD Card

Does not come with a SD Card you will need to purchase a 32GB card in order for it to work additional cost of about 25

Basically good unit but too many logic errors for me

This is important. I do not know how other makesmodels perform am I fighting the I50 or GPS039s in general I have heard that others may well be just as bad in which case it is GPS039s I don039t want and not just this one.The screen is pretty good. The instructions are loud and clear. It has FM to use a car radio in noisy conditions. The street names are sometimes mispronounced but never critically AFAIAC just a bit of a laugh. The interface is fairly simple although comprehensive. The responsiveness from the Navig8r people was well above par compared to most stuff like this these days. It has free map and firmware updates but not speed warning updates for free. So 3 stars. BUT....but I was just getting too many bad steers and outright wrong instructions. It seemed that as soon as one problem type was fixed another would come up. I was frequently given far worse directions than the best for both time and distance on the same trip. I was led _away_ from streets that I passed if I ignored the instruction to turn into them. I was told a few times to enter streets that simply did not exist or were in another state even to the point of being told to u-turn on a freeway to get back to a street that simply was not there. These were being addressed and due credit to the developers but almost every trip had its drama.

Be more size specific.

I was happy with the clamp as advertised. I was happy with the clamp when I unpackaged it and saw the sturdiness of the product. I was disappointed when I came to fitting it on one of my caravan wheels. I had buckleys chance of getting it on because my wheels were a whisker too wide. I suggest that you advertise the size more specifically than quotIt fits wheels 13 -16 inchesquot. I ended up giving the clamp to a nearby camper who was chuffed at getting a clamp for nix. It fitted his van perfectly.

nifty item

not a bad product for the price pretty clear and the rear camera is a bonus. instructions are quite easy to follow as well

Worth the money.

It was definitely worth the money easy to install and the picture is very clear you can adjust the Brightness Contrast and Color I039m very happy.

omg love this awesome -

gr8 price awesome value i am very impressed same kinda product were i am is 3x039s more in price an less performancethese are awesome value

Reverse camera

I have bought this item because it was the cheapest around and I am veryhappy with it.It has a large screen so easy to see. Only when the sun shines on itit is slightly less so but still visible enough

Not a goer

Was looking forward to this camera being a replacement for another camera which was no good only to find that it039s battery would not retain a charge. Also the software was not compatible with windows 7 despite a claim it was.On the upside crazysales was quick to respond to my complaint and the product was returned at their cost and a refund sent.

Great Tool

Great tool for my workshop. My car has a hard to reach Plug socket and this did it with ease. I also helped others with the same style car and they are all very pleased with the results. It has adapters to suit any size which is very handy.Having it delivered to my door saved the hassels from driving around to get it.

Great product

Absolutely nothing to complain about. The camera has a good field of view and the display is very clear.Highly recommended.

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