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About Baby Safety & Health

A playpen is an enclosure where a baby or a young child can play, relax or take a nap safely alone without adults’ constant supervision. Set up a baby playpen in any room you need to keep an eye on your baby and toddler. You can adjust the size and shape of a playpen to fit any room, any situation by adding or removing panels which are sold at CrazySales as well. They can also be used outdoors as they are made for weather resistant and easy cleaning. Playpens will provide hours of fun activities for kids so that parents can take a time out from them but knowing they are safe and secured. We also provide premium baby fences and baby gates here that you can rest assured to use.

3 in 1 Playpen is one of the most popular playpens as it is versatile and convenient for storage. It has three practical functions Panel Play Pen, Fireplace Guard and Extra Wide Barrier all in one playpen. As a playpen, it can be placed on anywhere near you, leaving enough space for your baby to play. It can be placed in front of a fireplace to protect the little ones from accidents and burns or to guard your Christmas tree against your pets. What’s more, the panels can be easily extended up to create a wide barrier gate and set up in any rooms, stairways or hallway. These panels can be folded which allows them to be stored away easily.

The Wooden playpen is made of high-quality wood to ensure it has a sturdier, longer life and much more resilient to knocks and bangs. As they are from nature, wooden playpens have less gas or odour emissions. They are ideal to fit any decoration style of your home by adding a classic touch. Makes a great holiday gift for you or your friends.

Plastic playpens are colourful and educational Some parents think that playpens are only there to restrict their babies, these non-toxic plastic playpens are there to change their minds. Plastic playpens at CrazySales can transport your children to a magical world of puzzles, toys and colours with their game panels. They are made of 100% Pure PE, not only eco-friendly and portable but also easy to assemble without any tools. You can create an entertainment area at home and enjoy the sweet playing time with your lovely baby instead of simply watching them.