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About Baby Toilet Training
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Baby toilet training is one of the biggest concerns of most parents. Some ease through this process with flying colours, while others are having hard time with this area. The first thing to do is show and tell. You have to show your little one how this thing is done.

Setting a good example is the best way to teach. Decorate your child's toilet training seat with his or her fave designs. You can put his/her favorite cartoon character designs so that he or she will find it attractive. Let your child sit in the potty even if he or she doesn't have the need to use it. It's a form of toilet training. Encourage your child. Praise him/her whenever he or she tries to sit in the potty. If your child needs a toilet step, purchase one.

Your child may not like sitting on an ordinary potty but availing potties with attractive designs will help a lot. Baby toilet training is never an easy task. Take it easy on your child, give time for him/her to learn new ways.

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