Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home as you start a refreshing day from there. CrazySales offers a diverse range of affordable and reliable bath products. With a choice of bath mats & rugs, bathroom supplies, hot water systems, mirrors, shower and toilet accessories, you could add your personal touch with style and create your own bathroom happiness.

No matter you want to redo your bathroom or refresh it, you could find bathroom furniture and accessories you need here. You may look for a new sink right now or sometimes, a new bathmat will do the trick. An Electric Heated Towel Rail is a practical tool in Australia winter as there is nothing feels better than wrapping your body with a fresh warm towel after an invigorating shower in the cold seasons. What’s more, you could also have a look at our Self-Adhesive Mirror Tiles. Turn your tiles into a mirror with these fantastic adhesive mirror tiles. Save yourself from the hassle of drilling holes in walls or gluing plus the cost of purchasing one. These mirror tile stickers are perfect for the job! Shop now and create a bathroom you love with our extensive range of showers, baths, tapware and toilets including exclusive leading Australian and international brands.


Find everything you need to dress a bed and get a wonderful sleep. Make your bedroom beautiful and cozy with sheets, quilt covers, duvet covers, coverlet, bedspreads, bed covers, comforter, bedsheets and more from CrazySales. Sleep tight with our bedding sets. No matter you want kids bedding, quilt cover sets, king size quilt covers, king bed sets, comforter sets queen, or even bed sale, bedroom sets, come to CrazySales and have a check!

We have different sizes of quilt cover sets. Kids’ quit cover sets have bright colours and cute prints while king size quilt covers and queen quilt covers are elegant and stylish. Aside from quilt covers, we also have versatile air beds and pregnancy support pillows in great quality and have received thousands of positive reviews.

From quilt covers to quilts and pillows, we have everything to make your bed the most comfortable place. With plain or patterned bedding in a range of colours, there's an option to suit anyone of the family’s need. Creating your ultimate bedroom starts with quality bed sets at CrazySales!

Bedding & Bath Reviews

5 out of 5 from 11831 reviews

Firstly this product does not smell when you take it out of the plastic bag - bonus I039ve read that some smell like dead fish. I took the cover off because it moved around a bit - this helps - it still moves a little but does not cause any great problems. My back and my husband039s hip used to give us grief but not with this foam topper - we wake up with no aches or pains whatsoever. In fact my hubbie has never been able to quotsleep inquot - the other day he didn039t wake til 9.00 am. It does not seem to overheat the body either - something I was concerned about. I would recommend this product to everyone.

Fantastic Buy

The easiest and fastest Mattress buying experience online. Affordable product and fast delivery. Fantastic

Time will tell

Was a bit taken back when opened package as doona appeared very thin and not much filling in some of the squares.Family member purchased one and even though quite thin too said was warm enough so time will tell as it is on bed in guest room.Just easier to keep than send back but in hindsight would probably buy from local store so can see exactly what you are getting.

Fantastic value amp stylish look

Very good value for a digital bathroom scale amp looks stylish on the floor. I039ve seen plenty more digital scales including glass ones that are far more expensive with various prices say 60-100. Has worked fine so far. Large LCD number display is good. Handy how it comes with a button battery. I prefer this scale to my previous non-digital scale which used big cell batteries that were frustrating as I feel their weight had done something to the battery door not closing properly so scales didn039t always work. Also these batteries wouldn039t last long amp made scales heavy to lift for whatever reason eg moving changing batteries. So button battery is much better. Scale just fits size 11 male feet or only slightly small for these feet but still manageable.Not a big issue but little care needed with glass corners so you don039t hit toes probably more of an issue in small bathrooms so plan properly where to position this.

Help save the trees

This item is fantastic not only was I able to fit it in a few minutes but I am saving a small fortune in loo paper. All you need is to have a towel handy to dry yourself when you have used it. It is great to have that freshly washed feeling. If you are disabled and have trouble bending and stretching to wipe your self a this is the device for you. It makes cleaning the loo a breeze. As it has a cleaning function that sends water directly into the bowl no need to flush a full cistern of water just to rinse the bowl.A must for every home.

great for decorating on a budget

i loved this product i could update my bathroom on a very very limited budget by just doing a boarder of mirror on my wall tiles it changed my bathroom form old and drab to more moden by just putting a simple mirror boarder. i found the product very easy to use sicks on tiles very well even in a wet area and is easy to cut to size as well. only time i wouldnt reconmend this product is is you are wanting to use it as a proper mirror for make up etc... as you cant get as clear a reflextion as you would with a normal mirror but if you wanting an easy different way to update or decorat a room then this product is for you.

absolutely great buy

I must say l was a little unsure with this queen size mattress and buying basically un seenbut after my amazement that the QUEEN mattress was delivered in a boxl thought what l have l boughtonce un wrapped to my amazement a queen size inner spring mattress expanded to it orginal size and shapevaccum sealed in box.Great mattress and very comfortablehave already told many of my friends about thisgood qualitycomfort and most of all very affordablerecommend highly

Value for money

The mattresses are very comfortable but they are a little on the soft side - so beware if you like a hard mattress. Note the bit about the fact that they come vaccuum sealed. The mattress does not resemble a king sized mattress when you get it but once you puncture the bag it soon does - I nearly sent mine back because it looked way too small to be a king sized intersprung mattressGood mattress and good and quick service.

good product

Good workmanship in product but in Hobart it would be a great summer doona as we were a little cold under the doona at 4 degrees. Pillows are very soft.

Beautiful quilt cover

I would recommend this product to anyone it is as descibed and a beautiful asset to any bedroom.

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