It is a very pleasure thing to go walking, jogging and cycling outside, staying away from smart phone, computer and TV while keeping fit and enjoying fresh air as well as beautiful sceneries. However, you may feel inconvenient without a bike trailer when you have little kids who are too young to follow along on their own bikes. With the bike trailer for kids, you will have no worries to take your little ones on daily adventures.

Baby bike trailers selling at CrazySales are of high quality and come in different colours. It can be easily converted from baby trailer to jogging pram. Two seats and large space design makes it capable to hold two kids up to the total weight of 40 kilograms. Equipped with quality rubber tyres and high-traction tread, this bike trailer pram is durable. Meanwhile, the seatbelt as well as the handbrake adds safety for your children. In order to make this bike baby trailer suitable to be used in both sunny days and rainy days, we have designed it with an all-weather clear canopy and anti-mosquito mesh screen, which is uvioresistant as well. You can put child necessities like baby food, toys, napkins in the large rear storage pocket. Coming in red, yellow, green, blue and black, you are given choice to select your favourite baby trailer.

Bike trailer can also be used for touring, cargo of goods or weekly shopping. It is a multifunctional thing which you deserve to have one. In order to choose a good kids trailer, two rules need to be obeyed. The first and the all-important one is to respect the weight restriction. Don’t make it overloaded or carry seated kids exceeding the limit. Otherwise, it is dangerous and may lead to serious injury. The second is to choose a baby bike trailer your children are happy and comfortable with because they are the biggest riders. The well-quipped configuration, especially for the comfortable seat, should be considered. Come and buy bike kid trailer at CrazySales and take your children to enjoy fun of outdoor activities now.

Bike Trailer Reviews

5 out of 5 from 119 reviews
Perfect lightweight trailer

Good trailer. I put my dog in it and he doesnt love it yet. The trailer is durable has perfect functionality and is light to pull. Also it attaches easily and I would say it should be attached to a dedicated bike so you dont have to remove the mount frequently.


This is fantastic. 2kids aged 4 amp 2 and they both love it when we go on our daily walk. So easy to build and use. We live on a farm and walk our 4km gravel driveway and it handles it wonderfully. Totally recommend this to everybody. Worth every cent.

Love it

Great bike trailer. Kids love it and so smooth to push.

Great bike trailer for your kiddo

Great bike trailer for your kiddo. Makes for wonderful family time to ride together as your kid enjoys the right. After using it folds up very nicely for a great space saver. Great quality because I live in a smaller apartment.

Awesome trailer

I looked through so many of bicycle trailers and choose this one. It is perfect for little one. He loved it so much It is easy to assemble good maneuvers enough space for baby and his toys. In our area we dont get snow so it will be used all year around Yes I would recommend to buy it

My daughter and I have had many fun rides on the rail trail in this little buggy

My daughter and I have had many fun rides on the rail trail in this little buggy. Its amazing how you barely notice them behind you. I love that it has some storage space in the back for my extra gear. Buy it

Great bike trailer for a little person

The trailer is easy to assemble. It is well built. Storing it is easy due to the ease of folding it up. It is easy to disconnect from the bicycle quickly. The safety harness is easy to use and keeps the child secure. It will create many hours of enjoyment for the little one.


This was the exact size we needed. We are using it for a dog trailer instead of a child. The animal trailers were much more expensive. We have a 20 lb. dog. The trailer pulled very easily. It was easy to put together and easy to fold down.


Great product for a great price


so far so good--tows easily behind my anura trike even tho i had to use old tire tube and bungie cord to hitch--also added 3 2 ply boards across metal frame to give dog more support as she rides in it.

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