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Ensure a room to remain clean and tidy meanwhile keeping stylish with CrazySales range of rubbish bins. These recycle bins diverse in sizes, designs and functions to simplify waste disposal. All of them are made of durable metal, some of which consist of several compartments for garbage classification. From simple pedal bins to automatic sensor bins, you must find one to keep your home and office clean and well-organised.

Rubbish bins at CrazySales can be divided into the three types: pull-out kitchen bins, pedal-controlled bins and sensor bins. It's not necessary to get a bin with all benefits and functions of the three kinds of bins, but choosing suitable Cleaning Supplies for your place really matters.

Pull out kitchen bins consist of a pulling frame, two garbage sinks and one cover on top. When you need to throw rubbish, pull the frame and sinks out without moving the cover. This type of waste bins would be better for rubbish without moisture because they need to be pulled out and back often.

Choosing our pedal bins can simplify waste disposal by stepping on the pedal. Stainless steel material ensures its durability, with the smooth metal color to match most modern home decor. Compared to the pull out bins, their evident benefits are the hands-free feature. Step on the pedal and then the bin opens. Searching for a durable and elegant trash bin for your home? Our stainless-steel pedal bins must be your choice.

Sensor bins can be designed better with improved functions to simplify the garbage job. People won't get satisfied with only no-touch feature, so they design the rubbish bins to open or close automatically without any touching. This touch-free lid design has won so many people's favor by automatically sensing people's hands and rubbish. When they close the lid automatically, they'll slow down the closing and let you sort out the rubbish better.

Whether you're hunting for a garbage container with compartments, or a closed bin to isolate unpleasant smell from your home, CrazySales can get you a durable and stylish bin, to keep your room well-organised and fit seamlessly into the modern setting.

Bins Reviews

5 out of 5 from 2439 reviews
super stainless steel

bought this item which we placed right in front of our lawn and was very happy with the quality and the overall performance of the product..we thought that the stainless steel body of this item is thin but to our surprise it was great Thank you CrazySales for the fast service ..good job

Wonderful bin

When i received it i thought it was a little too big for what i wanted but it has been excellent i love the preice how quick they sent it amp the quality of it.Love that the bins pull out so you can wash them if they get dirty. Wonderful thanks crazysales

Average 2.5 stars

I loved the idea of purchasing a solar powered bin but found that unless you placed the bin in direct sunlight for a large part of the day the batteries were hopeless.Our toddler also broke the closing mechanism within two weeks so I can039t comment on the longevity of the mechanism under normal circumstances.Needless to say I will not be purchasing a sensor bin in the future


This product is wonderful Highly recommended Received the item in 2 days

Classy Bin

Good sized bin which looks really good. Easy to use stops dog getting into bin which is another bonus. Really happy with purchase

Im actually impressed

Ive held off writing this review for a couple of months as I wanted to see how it held up with some aggressive use and whether there were any obvious issues.Im pleased to say that this dual bin is fabulous We purchased it when we realised that our previous bins wouldnt fit under the sink when we moved into our new property.The price was great in comparison to other sites and the bin sizes are perfect for our very busy family with 4 young read boisterous kids. It cops many pedal pushes daily Its really easy to use the bins go in and out easily and it looks really good too.Very happy customer.

Sensor Bins are the best

There is nothing better then being able to open your rubbish bin when your hands are full and not have to touch it. I love the way this item works now none of my children ever need to touch the bin again yes it requires batteries but i have used normal batteries and the system works great. If the standard set time of the bin to open isn039t enough then all you need to do it press the open button and the lid stays up as long as you want. What more could you ask for this hygienic and stylish bin looks great in any kitchen . If it came in a larger size i would use it for my recycling as well

Just what I wanted.

Great product. Slightly bigger than I thought but worked out well as its really sturdy and the dogs cant knock it over. Handles on the bins are very handy to take out the recycling.

Just works

This product is great. No more ugly bin in the kitchen. Hidden away. Perfect solution for me.

I love this item

Fantastic - very happy with this purchase. Looks great and is of excellent quality.

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