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About Bird Repellent

Keep unwanted animals away in a green way with ultrasonic bird repellers at CrazySales! There are two types of bird repellent here, one is with heat radiation sensor and another is motion activated. With scientific designs and latest technology, these pest control tools help you keep unwanted animals such as birds, dogs, cats, racoons, ferrets, rabbits and many other types of animals that you consider to be pests away, especially pest birds. The moment when the heat radiation or infrared sensor detects movement or heat the device emits a high-pitched frequency inaudible to humans but unpleasant for animals. This ultrasonic technology is environmentally friendly and will not harm the animals in any way. One type of these repellers is Solar Power Pest Repeller which is a great way to keep unwanted animals from destroying your garden as well as energy saving.

CrazySales offers the most unique line of electronic bird repellents and pigeon repellent in the industry. Using the latest technology, our electronic bird repellers provide effective, cost-effective, humane bird control solutions. Electronic bird repellent devices give off audio threats that force birds to seek calmer, untreated areas. Coverage is offered for both small and large areas alike, while only requiring minimal installation and effort.

Pest bird infestation, bird netting and birds nest can result in property damage, health hazards, liability, product contamination, & disease. Choose CrazySales bird control products and accessories to eliminate pest bird problems for good! CrazySales bird control products are safe, humane, eco-friendly, & extremely effective. Click on the products above to learn more about each type of bird control method & to decide which one best fits your situation and your budget. We also provide high quality animal traps, bug zappers, snake repellent and more pest repellers for your option.