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Keep unwanted animals away in a green way with ultrasonic bird repellers at CrazySales! There are two types of bird repellent here, one is with heat radiation sensor and another is motion activated. With scientific designs and latest technology, these pest control tools help you keep unwanted animals such as birds, dogs, cats, racoons, ferrets, rabbits and many other types of animals that you consider to be pests away, especially pest birds. The moment when the heat radiation or infrared sensor detects movement or heat the device emits a high-pitched frequency inaudible to humans but unpleasant for animals. This ultrasonic technology is environmentally friendly and will not harm the animals in any way. One type of these repellers is Solar Power Pest Repeller which is a great way to keep unwanted animals from destroying your garden as well as energy saving.

CrazySales offers the most unique line of electronic bird repellents and pigeon repellent in the industry. Using the latest technology, our electronic bird repellers provide effective, cost-effective, humane bird control solutions. Electronic bird repellent devices give off audio threats that force birds to seek calmer, untreated areas. Coverage is offered for both small and large areas alike, while only requiring minimal installation and effort.

Pest bird infestation, bird netting and birds nest can result in property damage, health hazards, liability, product contamination, & disease. Choose CrazySales bird control products and accessories to eliminate pest bird problems for good! CrazySales bird control products are safe, humane, eco-friendly, & extremely effective. Click on the products above to learn more about each type of bird control method & to decide which one best fits your situation and your budget. We also provide high quality animal traps, bug zappers, snake repellent and more pest repellers for your option.

Bird Repellent Reviews

5 out of 5 from 516 reviews
no more poisons

This is ideal if you are like me and don039t want to use mouserat traps or poisons so far I have found it039s very affective at keeping micerats away from my bird cages

Great hopes for this product

I have a terrible problem with Bower Birds and Cockatoos and I though I would give this a try. I have had 1 up and running for a week and my fruit is still on the tree so am buying a second unit for the other side of the garden. In 2 years I have eaten maybe 6 pieces of fruit and the birds have eaten the rest. So far it works so time will only tell but it looks promising so far.

I love it

No more duck poo in our swimming pool the neighbours are so impressed they have ordered one for their pool area

Motion Activated Solar Power Pest Repeller

I purchased the Power Pest Repeller because of pesky possums eating my roses. So far it seems to work - no eaten roses. Not only no eaten roses the Repeller is easy to install . Just follow the instructions that come with it.

good deal

Item is as describedcan be charged by computer great

Ultrasonic Bird Repellent

I installed this Ultrasonic Bird Repellent on a wall facing my Mandarin tree which was regularly raided by white cockatoos which destroyed hundreds of fruits. Since installing it a week ago it seems to have repelled most cockatoos they used to come about 7 at a time and only half a dozen fruits have been taken in the week instead of about 50 but I had to scare one persistent cockatoo out of the tree a couple of days ago.

Grear product

Both items are in constant use and are working well - my roses are beginning to get leaves instead of being eaten to twigsI have recommended this product to neighbours who have purchased 2 and are equally pleased.This product is cheaper than others and does not require frequent battery changing as it is solar powered.I am delighted

Keeps pigeons away

We had a big problem with pigeons gathering on our rooftop so we decided to try the motion activated solar power pest repeller which we installed on the roofs gutters and we are very happy with the result. The pigeons still try to go on the roof but they leave very quickly. Our tv antenna is also now free of birds. Top product.

Great little pest ridder

Cats Mynah birds hate this but silent to humans.

bird repellent that works

I thought that this was just another scam but to my surprise it actually works in our orchard.I plan to purchase more before next season and let our gas gun have a break.

  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellent
  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellent
  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellent
  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellent
  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellent
  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellent
  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellent
  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellent
  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellent
  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellent
  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellent
  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellent

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