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About Boat Seats

Boat seats are an essential part of a boat. CrazySales provides you comfortable and quality boat seats for sale with folding and swivel functions for added comfort and convenience. These folding, swivel, back to back boat seats and boat parts are built for all weather conditions that suit any type of boat you may have. When you find out the original seats are not comfortable enough, it’s time to buy some new ones from CrazySales Australia to replace the old ones. At Crazysales, we offer an extensive selection of boat seats and Boat Pedestals for your consideration that are various in prices and designs. It’s important to know which type suits you. A folding one or no & low backrest one will surely be space-saving. If you want to sit comfortably and relax, a medium backrest or high backrest will be an awesome choice. Renew the look of your boat with our super comfy swivel ones. Complete in a set of 1 or 2, these marine seats are set with a swivel so you can be facing any angle you desire. It stylish and chic design fits any boat.

Travel on a boat is an amazing experience of lifetime. Hence, travel like a king in our deluxe chairs! First remove your currently installed seats and any other attached hardware. Our practical boat seat attaches easily to the included swivels through the pre-drilled holes underneath. The seats can be securely fastened while not in use via a set of press studs and straps. These seats also come with a swivel base which allows the seat to spin around and be safely positioned on the seat point. Renew the look of your boat with a set of comfy swivel seats for boats at CrazySales. Built to last through any weather, they are constructed out of sturdy moulded plastic with a UV-resistant PVC cover. Stylish in colours and designs, CrazySales boat seats Australia will match any boat design. Refresh the look of your boat and impress your friends now!

In order to secure your boat seats, you need a seat pedestal. Pedestals will keep you and your seats secure as they can be bolted down to stay in place. The height is adjustable for everyone’s need. Designed to easily fit standard swivels, the right seat pedestal will keep you on your seat safely amidst the waves.