Taking to the water is a lot easier when you find your water sports accessories at Crazy Sales! Unless your home happened to locate at the Great Barrier Reef, big wave surfing could seem difficult if not impossible.

A surfboard is like the right hand of surfing enthusiasts and leaving it at home is not an option. Crazy Sales has the strongest roof racks online at the lowest prices. Strap your kayak, surfboard, canopy or any other watercraft to your car roof and make the long drive to the beach with confidence.

Once you are near the beach, getting your watercraft to the ocean will not be a hassle when you choose from our range of kayak trolleys or surfboard trolleys to make a smooth transition from the car to the water. If you are lucky enough to bicycle to the beach, check out a surfboard bicycle carrier rack to help you catch those waves with no worries. Recreational kayaking, whitewater kayaking and riding the waves are great ways to have fun that won't cost you a lot when you shop at Crazy Sales!

Boating, Water Sports Reviews

5 out of 5 from 1542 reviews
Not real strong

Bought this hoist for son inlaws kayakwe tested on his stand up paddle board first weighs about 30 kg and the cord pulled apart we replaced the 4mm cord with 6mm cord this added another 20 to costthe metal brackets that support the sling bend easily but lift ok.We have not tested on Kayak yet but we both feel the hoist will be limited.Overall....It works well the safety locking mechanism is good but not simple to release easilywould not recommend weights close to the rated otherwise dont expect too much at this price...would recommend understanding its limitations.

Exactly how it was described

The description was perfect and was easier to use than what I had expected.

Kayak Trolley with kickstand

I am so glad I purchased this trolley and so easy to use I can now move the kayak on my own and do not need hubby to help wish I purchased one sooner

Needs a better bar clamp

From the photos of this item it was hard to tell how they clamped on to the roof rack bars. As a result they were not the best fit for my Prorack Whispbar HD. However a small mod which involved ditching the clamp and fixing it to the bar with bolts and channel nuts solved the problem.These brackets are way cheaper than than the prorack version.One small issue is that the paddle holder is located on the same side of each carrier not as shown in the photos. Small thing but in my case with the bar spacing it would have been better if I could have arranged the carriers so that the paddle holders were both on the inside.


arrived quickly easy installation with good instructions. Up within minutes very sturdy and folds in when not in use. I purchased 2

Works but watch for issues.

I purchased this product with the idea of saving space storing my kayak. The system certainly works but there are a few things you should be aware of.I had an issue with insufficient height and cross beams fowling the rope. Pros Cheap good storage solution. Excellent rope lock.Cons Thin rope tends to hurt your hands and you need a bit of strength to raise your kayak. You need a fairly decent roof height or as in my case the kayak was about 5cm above the car. Cross beams in my roofing fowled the rope so I had to design and build a blocking system to over come this consequently it took me 11 hours to install the hoist. I found I had to buy wall racks and the hoist just sits there doing nothing.Overall the system works but make sure you have a very good ceiling height to work with. The lock on the rope is excellent but it does take some effort to raise your kayak.Would only recommend if your garage had a high roof.

Good value for money

Kayak trolley is sound and stable ideal for wheeling short distances. Easy to dismantle for compact storage. Pleased with quality of product.

Almost great

I found that the diameter of the tubes that go through the drain holes were way too small for my kayak. Also the clamping screws that hold things in position really didnt and I was afraid to screw them in too hard in case something broke.Having said all that this gadget make a great starting point for a great kayak trolley. I modified the trolley and slipped larger tubes over the existing ones so that there was a snug fit in the drain holes and then fixed the uprights in the desired position with a couple of self tapping screws and now I have a great trolley at a great price.

great product

thank you for the kayak collapsible trolley after putting it together it fitted the holes great. so I tried adjusting it to fit up the side of kayak it fitted great to I found it ease to pull and it did not fall off pushing it back witch I had happened thank you very much

Kayak trolley

Trolley has been great for the price. Kickstand works really well easy quick to assemble.

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