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About Breathalysers

Whether in an open-air party or visits with grating family members, it is natural for you to throw back a few drinks during the gatherings. Unfortunately, in this case, you cannot well judge if you're in good condition to drive a car. Thanks to breathalyzers, consumers of heightened self-awareness will avoid driving once finding themselves under the alcohol influence. 

The professional digital breathalyser adopts an advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor with excellent sensitivity, which can accurately produce a result in five seconds. The small-sized and low power indication design fits into almost every shirt, or pants pocket, allowing this portable breathalyzer to be taken with you out and about. Also, you are recommended to use the alcohol breathalyzer until it has been twenty minutes since the last drink, and wait at least three minutes to begin the next breath test. If you are a breast-feeding mother, this breathalyzer Australia is a good companion to know whether you can feed your child or not after drinking.  

The personal breathalyzer is equipped with smart fuel cell sensor and dual colour backlight, to provide fast, yet accurate and clear blood alcohol content result either day or night. With audible alerts, red backlight for warnings, and a lightweight design, home breathalyzer is convenient and suitable for all users, especially for personal purpose. Moreover, the best breathalyzer is tested and certified to rigorous Australian Standards for reliability and quality. 

Lastly, the alcohol breath tester with the flashlight is threaded by keychain for easy carrying. Through its three coloured LED displaying different alcohol levels, you can tell accurately which state you're in. If you long press the power button till the green LED lights on, it means that the breath analyser is ready to work, then you can exhale pneuma into exhale pipe and look into the result.

Breathalyzers can be treated as one of the car accessories, particularly for people who drive a lot yet love drinking. Anyhow, it is a wise decision to shop the best breathalyzer Australia with discount price now!


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