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We have gathered the ideal bug zappers at CrazySales for you to eradicate annoying mosquitoes, wasps and other insects you can imagine. Electric or solar, wall-mounted or outdoor hanging, you can find the impeccable fly zapper here to fit your needs.

An electric wall-mounted bug zapper is effective and space-saving. With the scientifically designed UV light, it attracts bugs from far distance away, covering even the largest home or warehouse. Its mesh exterior protects you or your pet from getting shocked when accidentally touch it. A removable collecting tray makes sure you'll never have to touch the bugs. This mosquito trap minimises the need for traditional insect spray which can involve poisonous vapour, irritating odours or contamination. It can free stand by itself as well as be mounted on a wall. Keep your home or office free of bugs and fly insects with an electric mozzie zapper.

While an electric wall-mounted bug zapper fits perfectly indoor, a lantern one is specifically designed for outdoor. As long as it's hooked up to a power source, a weatherproof outdoor zapper can work in most of the outdoor climate except extreme ones. Its attractive UV light covers a far range and it stays very quiet thanks to its DC fan. While this outdoor-specific lantern bug zapper hangs around your patio, deck, or camping space, it works at a cat-quiet volume that won't disturb you. Instead, you get proficient, silent home pest control that keeps on going with long-lasting energy efficient UV bulbs. No need to worry about spending time frequently cleaning this bug zapper. With the detachable bottom tray and automatic power cut-off, you can conveniently and safely clean your insect trap in seconds.

If you want a more energy-saving outdoor bug zapper, a solar-powered one is perfect since it doesn’t require an outlet. A solar bug zapper's powerful panels can absorb energy stably and stay charged, leaving your home or yard free of bugs. On the other hand, a handheld electric racket is also powerful and effective in wiping out pests in swoops.

Bug Zapper Reviews

5 out of 5 from 886 reviews
Great item works well

Been using these products continuously for past 3 years. Only problem is sourcing replacement tubes. Some have lasted 2 years of continuous usage 247. Others only one year. Generally reliable as long as maintained well. Replacement tubes cost nearly as much a new unit.


Bought this Product on 06 Jan amp here we are using it on the 08th Jan. Super fast service. Thank you.This Product is excellent. I highly recommend to any one considering to purchase. It goes practically anywhere being light weight and a neat little package.

Great bug Zapper

The product Aluminium Alloy Electric Insect Zapper Killer is one that I can recommend easily. It is sits on the top of cupboard out of the way and goes about it is work constantly.I connected the day i received it and it has not been off yet and the amount of bugs is outstanding have to empty soon though

best buy ever

I purchased two and they work so well I will be ordering another two.They appear flimsy but certainly do the job.

Use the Force

I bought this industrial version for my small courtyard. It may have been overkill. This thing not only takes down bugs but I reckon would have a good shot at putting the next door neighbours cat into cardiac arrest should it get close enough... or if you are fast enough with a long enough extension lead.An unexpected benefit is the blue glow that bounces off the walls of the courtyard making it brighter than a kings cross shooting gallery.You could also use this outside a flatmates window at night and fake an alien abduction but Im yet to do that so really cant review that aspect of the product.Very happy with the purchase... Im yet to stick my tongue on it to check the voltage but Im pretty confident it is as advertised.

elect bug killer

A great unit I use it on the back porch in place of a much smaller one that appeared quite noisey in comparison I would recomend it to serious bug hunters

Zapm Dead

Great Product. Bought this to replace a product costing 4 times as much. Does a great job. Im using it in a commercial kitchen environment. Cant fault it. Does the job.

zap them quick

the maxkon zapper worked a treat from the minute I hung it up and plugged it in. works very effectively and removes the air born pests from the back patio a treat.


This is a great product. Works very well. I would recommend this to anyone thinking of getting it.

Small and powerful

Got this product for my cafe works a dream out of way and powerfull quiet and efficient. Every thing you need it to be.

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