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Cabinet has been treated as an important role in a home. There are so many things need to be hold in cabinets. Clothes, hats, shoes and so many other things need to be storage. Cabinets in good design can bring us a clean home look. And also cabinet can protect clothes from dust, folding and humidity.

If you have a good cabinet, you will not worry about ugly and wrinkled clothes. We provide you cabinet high in quality and fashion in design. No matter what kind of cabinet you need, you can get here with a good price. Place order right now, big discount is waiting for you. Join us, you have the chance to win iPad.

Cabinet Reviews

5 out of 5 from 1766 reviews
Most useful piece of furniture I039ve ever owned

Love this jewellery cabinetmirror. Absolutely love it. For the first time ever I can now keep my jewellery and other bits amp pieces in one place instead of in little boxes. And no dust on anything anymore because it seals really well once you lock it with the key Really handy having the mirror too. I bought the white one and my daughter bought the black one and she loves hers as much as I love mine. They look nice are super easy to put together and were packed really well for delivery. Highly recommend them. If I have any complaints it039d be that maybe they could use a lighter coloured backing inside so it039s easier to see earrings etc. Other than that I LOVE it

Good storage solution but quality could be a little better

This cabinet is a great storage solution. I chose this particular one of the many that are available online because it has many more spaces to hang earrings than most of the other mirrored jewellery cabinets offer. However the quality could have been a bit better. The pant job is a bit rough and part of the wood inside had cracked open in one place....maybe it had been damaged in transit. Overall I would recommend it for the price it is however if you want something that is really good quality it would be worth paying more for one that has a quality finish.

Brilliant Design

Great idea to neatly store your stash of jewellery and other bits and pieces. Fairly stable but wouldn039t want to give it too much of a knock. Great size mirror. Absolutely love this product

Instructionsnot quite the word I would use to describe them

The only other reviewer so far said this item is fantastic... well don039t be misled. If you are like me and it would seem this reviewer039s wifethen you will enjoy the challenge but really nothing should arrive to you in the circumstances this desk does. Everything said by the other reviewer is spot on so his problems weren039t a one off. Unfortunately for me the damaged box also meant damaged parts namely the support rod that supports the top of the desk They jam every single piece that goes into this 3 piece set into one box its so heavy that it can039t be lifted by one person so it039s inevitable that the box and more than likely itrsquos contents will get damaged. And then there is the instructions although they donrsquot resemble what you would expect instructions to be see other reviewer for detailed description. Put simply donrsquot buy this item if you are not the type of person that enjoys a building challenge or doesnrsquot have the time for one or if you donrsquot know someone who does

Some instructions required

This item is fantastic........... once you can get it assembled.Upon pealing the remainder of the box which was severely damaged in transit away from the parts I found what was meant to be the instructions.There was a list of parts that matched up to the parts in the box good start but none of the parts were labelled with a part number making for a longer set up period that initially thought.My wife constructed this kit and started with the obvious and constructed the draws first but found that using the screw driver provided was annoying and instead opted for a driver-bit on an electric drill. The instructions left the position of the screws for the draw mounts a little vague and I initially suggested putting them on the side of the draw. This causes jamming so they must be screwed to the bottom of the draw.The desk and the shelves were easy to assemble but she was unhappy with the screws provided and was glad that she had some 3 inch chipboard screws of her own which she replaced the supplied ones with.The kit only took an afternoon to put together and it looks tidy and has good storage space but the instructions leave something to be desired.

i love it

it039s very easy to assemble. i stored a lot of stuff in the draws ver useful

I love mine

This a great and innovative product I039ve not only put jewellery in mine but makeup and hair straightener too. Only draw-back is bad carpentry on the drawers but that039s not a big deal.


this is a great product i cant wait to stock it up

I do love this item

This is one very necessary item to have. It stores so easily and neatly. Looks great in my laundry and is so practical. Well made fitted together perfectly delivery was also within a couple of days. I couldn039t be happier with this. Got rid of the old ironing board and excess clutter I had.Now laundry is looking good Get yourselves oneSammy

Attractive and Functional Storage

This gorgeous white pine frame solid MDF top and PU 039cane039 basket-drawers DIY tallboy is ideal for places like the bathroom especially if you039re renting The baskets are quite large enough - but you really cannot put anything very heavy in them Perfect for cosmetic-type objects hair-accessories fashion accessories etc but definitely not for putting heavier clothes or linen - the baskets aren039t that strong.So easy to assemble - and to collapse again and take it with you when you go ... I039d certainly recommend this chest of drawers. It039s really quite attractive it039s very cute - and most of all - it039s very functional

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