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No matter what kinds of cameras are you looking for, we always have a right one to meet your needs. Let's capture more beauty of life starting with our cameras. Then you will find out that there are so many happy moments when you look at those photos. If you place an order now, we will make you big discount. Happy shopping, happy life. That is our best wishes.

Camera & Photo Reviews

5 out of 5 from 73 reviews
kewl little accessory

kewl accessory to any vehicle.will solve any disputes in case of accidents12gig SDcard records approximately3 - 3 12 hour drive time

Clicking sound when handling recording

This camcorder overall is ok for the price. The volume recording is rather weak and is too sensitive with sound being recorder scratching noise whenever tried to open and shut the LCD screen. The quality of the picture when preview on the screen is kinda 039pixellet039. Cannot zoom in or out if switch to high definition mode.

Otek Full HD Video Recorder DVR5C5

I have been using the otek video recorder since September 2012 and can recomend it It is reliable and takes clear video footage of your journey and gives peace of mind if your in an accident that is not your fault

Otek Full HD Car Video Recorder - Both Models

I have just purchased two of these cameras one of each modelone for my son and the cheaper one for my self we have tested them both and I am surprised at the quality of the pictures very clear and the cam is easy to set up and mount in the car I also recommended it to a friend who has ordered on on my advice the cam is well made and good looking I will not hesitate to recommend it to others

Good Product

This is a pretty great way to store your photos digitally but also a great way to edit old photos that you have. Once you get the hang of it it is really quite simple.

Great product at a ridiculous price

Shopped online for a while before i bought this. My local camera shop High St Northcote wanted 119 for the exact same item and wanted to charge me 11 to bring it from their other store because they had none in stock. He said it would take 5-7 business days to arrive because they only order once a week. The item i bought from Crazy Sales arrived within 2 days. I also asked the guy for 5 off and he replied quotnoquot abruptly. Im glad he did..

Love it

This tent is fantastic. It is so quick and easy to assemble and change backdrops. I can get professional photos of my stock in moments and it packs up out of the way so easily you wouldn039t even know it was there Fantastic so glad I decided to get it

Great value tripod

This is a nice little tripod that I039ve tested on a level indoor floor and the backyard grass.The 3 way pantiltrotate head is smooth so long as the locks are loosened a little. The twist handle for the tilt amp pan feels sturdy and permits reasonably smooth movement.The aluminium sections feel solid enough and unlikely to dent in normal use.I found it to be impressively stable especially considering the price. I039d give it 5 stars but it isn039t perfect.Although stable and well made the crank for the head height adjustment is a bit fiddly for larger hands. When first winding it up I noticed that the central ratchet extension wobbled slightly as it arose. However once you039ve set the height the locking knob is effective at keeping it rigid.The nylon bag that039s included is I suppose better than nothing. I don039t expect it to last long. To be fair I wasn039t buying a bag I was buying a tripodAll that remains to be seen is how well the plastic locking clasps for the legs and other plastic fittings hold up over time.For the hobbyist or amateur who doesn039t need a monster tripod I recommend it.

Great item

Pocket size but mounting does take up room. Mounting can be left in position on vehicle which makes the video very convenient to carry. Excellent video quality. Good battery life and uses vehicle battery when in car so internal battery stays charged. Recommended

Take great photos

Super clear photos useds over head bed lamp for lighting. great for small objects.super quick delivery

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