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    As I do with all things I purchase off the Internet, I do a quick search to read reviews from other website to get a unbiased and professional review. Well, this was no different to this product, I've done my research and after I read a review, I thought, sounds great... Well....I don't rate this so high as others.. Read on.. I'm not in the mood to write a novel review myself, but I'll give you the pros and cons... You can make up your own minds.. Pros: : Good sturdy design : an absolute snap to setup : Logitech seems to update the firmware & software often, so I guess that's good, you get the feeling that they care to support the product. : impressive night vision image/video.. With no light source at all : easy to use software on the pc : good image, not great.. But good.. Cons: Before I continue making my cons bullet points, I'll say this.. I was sold on this camera because its "HD".. in my opinion, my old iPhone 3GS has better video than this.. I understand this is a surveillance camera and they use a lot of compression to save space, make uploading videos quick and easy, and skips frames to make it storage wise practical... BUT, I expect HD, I expect 15fps at at least a 720p resolution.. But sadly, no, you don't get that... So, here are my bullet points of sadness :) ------- : Video in good lighting is good, but will sometimes be dithery, blurred if there is fast moving objects (like if you did a fast paced walk) while there are no moving objects, it looks crisp, but once something starts to move, it will quickly reduce that video fidelity.. : Video at night (night vision) well, the night vision works great, BUT, the camera hates to handle switching between night vision and color mode (light mode) if the lighting switches, example, if you have a light sensor that switches on at night, the camera then will shift from b&w to color, but the frame rate will go down to like 5fps for the remainder of the recorded clip. Seems like a bug : Price is too high, this is only 1 camera! an equivalent 4 camera system with a dedicated dvr is around the same price, they may not have HD, but this camera should not boast HD too much in comparison. : the network cable/wire that is connected to the back of the camera is way too exposed, that should have been concealed in a protective tubing or casing... Instead, it's left to you to conceal it the best way you can, and even then, it will still remain very exposed. Final thoughts... It's decent, but for the money, reluctantly Ill say that I don't recommend it..

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