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Do you have a love for the great outdoors? Roughing it outside is all well and good with the right equipment. We need essentials like a tent or supplies but don't overlook Camping Chairs. A proper Camping Chair will let you sit down comfortably by the fire, while roasting marshmallows. You can also use it to relax under the stars or just talk and bond. A comfortable atmosphere is a must for bonding.

While, used for camping primarily you can also use this for picnics, fishing or other outdoor activities. We provide you camping chairs in a wide range. You can choose by colors, designs, materials and sizes. No matter which style you like and buy, you can get it in the best price. Take action, now is the best time to buy!

Camping Chairs Reviews

5 out of 5 from 39 reviews
Good Product but a little flimsy

I bought this rather than an aluminium model due to the heat where I live in Queensland. It is actually made of Pine wood and due to the weight constraints competing with the aluminium model it is a little on the flimsy side so care must be taken in it039s use. I eventually plan to rebuild the timber sections to a more sturdy structure and at the same time I will extend the table and seat sections to better suit my needs. In hind sight I would probably have bought the aluminium version having said that I then would not be able to extend the setting as I can do now so all is well and I am happy with the end result.

folding outdoorcamping

I love this item. I recomend everyone should buy this item because it is really good and convinience for camping.

Good product

Very happy with these chairs. Upside theyre quite comfortable for a person of my age size mobility easy to fold and easy to carry around... Downside Im a 49yo 55"185cm woman size 12 medium difficulty moving around. For anyone with longer legs than mine they could rest their feet on the ground or with shorter legs their heels would be on the chair. My legs hit the bottom bar right at the ankle though so Im going to have to add padding to the bottom bar since theres none... For my clothes size weight or anyone smallerlighter the chairs comfortable. For anyone largerheavier than me its too small - my 6ft120kg partner cant fit in his. My 6ftsize small son can. For anyone my age or younger whos reasonably fit the chair is easy to get in and out of... For anyone aged or that has difficulty moving around eg my mother itd be difficult because of the arms seat angle and height.

light weight

The chair does not suit a larger adult. Best for a child or small lady. It is super light weight but a little too upright in the back to relax in - but would suit eating or chatting to others. Wish the colour bright or dark to keep clean easier.

Excellent CrazySales pleasure doing business A

The best deal I ever got looking forward to future deals A1


Item received in excellent condition thanks.

Excellent to deal with and prompt delivery

very good

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