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About Car Audio, Video & Speakers

Cars occupy a special and crucial place in our lives. To smarten up your vehicle and ensure the driving comfy and hassle-free, we have recommended some auto accessories that might just do the trick for you.

Dash cam, used to record videos of traffic incidents while you are driving, is usually mounted on the dashboard or windshield of a car. Our car DVR options have various models and features, of which one will be detailedly listed for you. The dashcam with infrared LED night vision is made of stylish and wear-resistant alloy, as well as features torch appearance design. With wide viewing angle, this car dash cam can take record high-definition video or photographs in the low illumination. Besides, the video recorder can effectively prevent eavesdropping, videotaping and fraud, also protect personal privacy, data and confidential information. 

A reversing camera kit can make parking and tricky manoeuvres much easier and safer. Our rear view camera kit with TFT colour LCD screen can help enhance capabilities of your car. The 7-inch LCD screen, a display for VCD, DVD, GPS or games, comes with touch screen and remote-control operation. When the LCD monitor is powered off, it is just like a normal rear view mirror. This screen is capable of low power consumption and car reversing back sight surveillance. As for its waterproof car reverse camera with high-definition and wide-vision angle, it is made of durable metal and supports colour CMOS image. Moreover, the car camera fits with 7 LED to support night vision and built-in reverse guidelines. 
A good car audio system will be the mainframe or entertainment and navigation in your vehicle. Feature packed with LED indicator, MDF enclosure and input volume control, our subwoofer car speakers fit most cars and bring out the best in-car entertainment and incomparable experience to the users. This car stereo is equipped with a built-in amplifier, paper cone rubber edge and protection for overheat, overload or short circuit. 

If you need further other car accessories to outfit your vehicle, you can browse our listing of automotive now!