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Having a car is not all about powerful engine. More often than not, how the car looks like has a lot greater things to tell you, your friends, and the rest of the street residents. But how can you make your car look more unique than the rest? Easy! You can do so by working on the car exterior.

A lot of auto accessories for your car's exterior are here to give your car a total makeover. From alloy wheels to LED lights to car antenna, you can experiment on them to give your car a different statement. Besides adding a few auto accessories to your car's exterior, protecting its natural beauty is a great way to take care of its aesthetic appeal. Putting on a car cover will be helpful to protect your vehicle's paint and outer coating. But make it sure that you car cover is made with an all-weather durable non-woven material.

It really is not a good idea to ignore your exterior of your car. So there is no other reason not to avail one today. We have a great listing of car exterior accessories ready to be delivered anywhere in Australia. Giving your car the best look and protection is just a click of a button away.

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Car Awnings Reviews

5 out of 5 from 157 reviews
Well worth it

Keeps things dry that is all I need. Clothes sleeping bags all neat and sitting on the back of a ute.

Good quality roof cargo bag.

Bought it hesitantly due to cheap price. But this is a very good quality sturdy and full water proof bag. I saw this same bag selling online for more than double the price elsewhere.Shipped very quickly. Very happy with the purchase.

Good product

VLT 30 is a great product to reduce heat and glare in your home. It is fairly easy to install when directions are followed.

As described

Great awning had all the bits needed to fit. Thoroughly recommended.

Good product

I recently purchased Some window tint 5 VLT. I used it on my house windows in the country area where we had heat from the sun.Insructions enclosed made fitting reasonable simple.The result was even better than I had hoped. Sun glare and heat transfer was reduced Greatly.

Now Im a mechanic

Great little machine that saves me going to a mechanic every-time that nuisance light in the dash comes on

Review and Helpful Hints

Good product but here are a few helpful hints if you are buyingThe roof basket needs to be constructed after delivery. The job would be easy if the instructions were easy to follow and matched the design. Deductive reasoning is required to build the item successfully. It is best to lay everything out and try to work out how it all goes together before starting. Do not try to check to see if the contents are all there as it is impossible using the instructions. At first it appears items are missing but when you build it you will find everything is there.The frame is aluminium so is strong and lightweight and will not perish. There are stainless steel screws which need to be located on the upper inner corner of the basket where they are exposed to the weather. The other screws are made from steel but as they are all concealed they are not directly exposed to the weather.Bonus There are two key-lock mounts provided which is not evident from the listing. This is great as it helps prevent theft. When constructing the basket be sure to firstly put the square nuts in the edge of the side rails four on each side. The instructions will lead you to believe you can do this last but the design element which would allow you to do this has been overlooked in the manufacturing process. Not a problem if you insert the nuts before constructing the frame otherwise like me you will finish and then realise you have to pull the whole job apart to insert the nuts. Otherwise you cannot fit the mounting brackets Inserting the rubber strips at first appears impossible but if you simply lie one edge in the groove and then use a blunt object like a pen WITHOUT the nib or the back end of a paint brush it can be worked in very easily and completed in a few minutes.Overall a good product. Easy to store as it is flat lightweight strong weatherproof robust and stylish design. The design is also aerodynamic but I have not driven with it as yet. Also a good price

Love It

I Just LOVE This ProductI Would Reccomend it to any one

2.5x3m grey pull out awning

I bought this awning for camping the build quality is better than expected on the 1st night I used this a strong wind sprang up and although I wasnt sure how the awning would handle it it passed with flying colours the next day was quite hot so I was very pleased to have this to sit under to stay out of the direct sunshine setting up and packing away is very easy by myself less than 5 minutes would recommend this to anyone

Fantastic quality and price

I was looking at purchasing some ramps for my ride on mowertractor and stumbled upon the crazy sales site. After a brief look i found the reviewed ramps. They were a bit more than the other cheep ramps I was looking at from ebay but the quality and load raiting are incredeable I could drive my large bobcat up them.Very Happy Shopper.

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