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    170cm Beige Cat Scratching Post and Tree Gym House

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    185cm Cat Gym Scratching Post Tree Extra Large Brown

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    Cat Scratching Post Tree House Condo 141cm - Grey

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    145cm Cat Gym Scratching Post Tree Medium-Grey

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    155cm Cat Gym Scratching Post Tree Medium-Mocha

  • 14%

    170cm Cat Tree Gym House and Scratcher Pole with Toy

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    155cm Cat Gym Scratching Post Tree Medium-Beige

  • 37%

    Cat Scratching Post Tree House Condo 141cm - Beige

  • 23%

    Cat Scratching Post Tree House Condo 134cm - Beige

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    About Cat Scratching Post & Cat Tree

    Cat scratching posts, cat trees and cat tower share equal importance with cat food, cat toys, cat carriers and toilet, so we can't ignore the fun and health that these cat furniture can bring to our cats. Crazy Sales has got a full range of cat scratching boards to help your kitty protect those claws. Whether you want to separate cat's activity area with your furniture, or want to spoil your little one on their birthday with a huge play center, Crazy Sales has something for you.

    Benefits of Getting Cat Scratching Posts and Cat Trees

    Scratching boards can encourage your cat to scratch regularly and keep their claws strong, clean, safe and healthy. Our cat scratchers are also a comfortable cat bed for most cats. After a simple clean-out of cat hair, your cats can sleep on them in comfort.

    On a cat tree, there're hammocks for snoozing, ladders for climbing, toy mice to catch, nooks to hide out in, shapes to jump through, comfy places to have a cat nap. All these funny and creative designs can make your cats love playing with cat trees and never get bored!

    Besides, cat scratchers and cat climbers can save your furniture, curtains and quilts. When they get the funny cat furniture of their own, cats won't have extra energy to scratch your properties. And their safety will be guaranteed with the specially-designed cat supplies.

    Top Considerations While Choosing Cat Scratching Posts and Cat Trees

    For cat scratchers:
    All of our cat scratching posts are made of recycled corrugated cardboard, a kind of eco-friendly material with light weight. If your cat likes cuter shapes, crocodile design can attract him again and again. Double layer one consists of much scratching surface for your cats. While wave design can be a pet bed for cats to lie on it, from reviews of other previous buyers.

    For Cat Trees:

    • Decide a height for your idealistic cat tower, according to your cats' size and age;
    • Choose cat trees with additional elements that cats like, such as brown wood color and fake green leaves.
    • Choose cat climbers with more scratching surface covered, then you can save the budget of a scratcher.

    Even if cat owners can't really "own" a cat, there're some toys or cat supplies to distract cats and prevent them from making trouble. Check out the range of low priced cat scratching posts and cat trees today at Crazy Sales!