Cat scratching posts, cat trees and cat tower share equal importance with cat food, cat toys, cat carriers and toilet, so we can't ignore the fun and health that these cat furniture can bring to our cats. Crazy Sales has got a full range of cat scratching boards to help your kitty protect those claws. Whether you want to separate cat's activity area with your furniture, or want to spoil your little one on their birthday with a huge play center, Crazy Sales has something for you.

Benefits of Getting Cat Scratching Posts and Cat Trees

Scratching boards can encourage your cat to scratch regularly and keep their claws strong, clean, safe and healthy. Our cat scratchers are also a comfortable cat bed for most cats. After a simple clean-out of cat hair, your cats can sleep on them in comfort.

On a cat tree, there're hammocks for snoozing, ladders for climbing, toy mice to catch, nooks to hide out in, shapes to jump through, comfy places to have a cat nap. All these funny and creative designs can make your cats love playing with cat trees and never get bored!

Besides, cat scratchers and cat climbers can save your furniture, curtains and quilts. When they get the funny cat furniture of their own, cats won't have extra energy to scratch your properties. And their safety will be guaranteed with the specially-designed cat supplies.

Top Considerations While Choosing Cat Scratching Posts and Cat Trees

For cat scratchers:
All of our cat scratching posts are made of recycled corrugated cardboard, a kind of eco-friendly material with light weight. If your cat likes cuter shapes, crocodile design can attract him again and again. Double layer one consists of much scratching surface for your cats. While wave design can be a pet bed for cats to lie on it, from reviews of other previous buyers.

For Cat Trees:

  • Decide a height for your idealistic cat tower, according to your cats' size and age;
  • Choose cat trees with additional elements that cats like, such as brown wood color and fake green leaves.
  • Choose cat climbers with more scratching surface covered, then you can save the budget of a scratcher.

Even if cat owners can't really "own" a cat, there're some toys or cat supplies to distract cats and prevent them from making trouble. Check out the range of low priced cat scratching posts and cat trees today at Crazy Sales!

Cat Scratching Post & Cat Tree Reviews

5 out of 5 from 2153 reviews
Cat039s paradise

Firstly I received this the day after I ordered it. Brilliant service Initially I was very concerned about putting the item together but it was incredibly easy. The instructions are easy to follow and it039s simply a matter of using the supplied Allen keys. Putting it together by myself and with two very excited cats eager to try it out as soon as I started putting it together it was up in just over an hour. It is very cleverly designed so that the sections would be easy to dismantle and put back together if ever I needed to move it. Most importantly my boys absolutely love it playing wildly on it for hours after. They now sleep there as well. One of my cats a ragdoll is strictly indoors so this was for him to keep him entertained. Best decision I could have made. Thank you Crazy Sales for an excellent product and service

My cats absolutely love this

Purchased this item as I have two Bengal cats who have far too much energy. It arrived within 5 days and I love that I was able to track it on the net.Instructions were slightly difficult to understand but with the help of my partner we managed to put it together in just under an hour. It looks incredible Seems to be pretty good quality too The only thing I can fault is that it has a slight stink to it I039m hoping that this will go away once it039s aired out a bit- it was only really noticeable when we were assembling it.The cats LOVE it Was worth every cent especially as you wouldn039t be able to purchase this in stores for less than 300.Would highly recommend this website Thanks guys

Be prepared to tidy up after your cat has had a good scratch

It took my precious kitty-cat approx 3 months to even realise this product existed on the ground well what it was she walked around and ignored all the time even when I tried so hard to get her to try and scratch it.LESSON let them come to it in their own time after you039ve shown it to them it may take a long while so don039t throw it away.One morning I put this in a place where I didn039t want my cat scratching or considering scratching - that it seemed was what worked a gem and she had not stopped scratching it since. She had the printed side panel ripped off within the first week fine by me so for now I leave the other side up against the wall which suits her as she loves to curl up on it when she039s done scratching.She has regular daily scratches and she stretches on it and it seems to take the place of pawing which she only does at night as she so often rests up afterward.Just be aware that tearing off little pieces of cardboard with either claws or teeth leads to lots of mess. Oh my girl loves chasing little toys under and around this item also.It may now LOOK a wreck but it039s just the best claw toy in progress and I039ve given her a glimpse of the side panel she hasn039t ripped off and she took to it a little before I put it back up against the wall so she039ll be in 7th heaven when I turn it around. If I had known they039d be this popular I039d have purchased at least 2.

amazing price

This gym tree is well worth the money. Sure the carpet used isn039t the best quality but a commercial gym tree of this size is more than 3 times the price. Was fun and easy to put together and arrived at my door in 2 working days I am very impressed

Better than expected my kitten loves it

My scratching post just arrived the other day and for the price I would have to say it039s better than expected. It039s very sturdy and well-made and better yet our cat already loves it. The post039s only been up for a day 12 and he039s barely left it alone.For its size I039ve seen similar posts retailing for around 200-350 so was very very surprised to end up with such a good quality scratching post for the price.

A creative looking scratch post

This creatively designed scratch post is perfect for a particular room in my house that has green carpet amp a treadmill. When I had no scratch posts near treadmill 2 of my cats would use treadmill base as a scratching post Afterwards I placed a small elevated arch shaped scratch post beside treadmill to make look like a quotlittle treadmillquot amp it worked immediately as cats used this scratch post amp never again on treadmill. It039s since deteriorated amp so this crocodile post to replace it works just as well amp looks also like a quottreadmillquot. Very light amp easy to move plus good value. I039ve given 4 stars instead of 5 as the only issue with this is a little vacuuming is required when bits fall off the post after cats scratch it.

A funky light scratch post

Very funky looking scratch post How creative to come up with a design like this for a scratch post compared to a single boring looking scratch post. I don039t like single posts with slim base as they move around too much amp the one I have looks ugly. This frog039s one039s better balanced. I have mine placed against a door amp bookshelf for little more support but extra support isn039t necessary. It so happens this is the area my kitty likes this post to be. Really light amp easy to move. Good value amp reasonably sized. Handy that cats have 2 options for scratching top or bottom.

My kitten loves its new playground

Item was exactly as described and very easy to assemble. At a bargain price it is quite tall and my kitten already can039t get enough of it I would recommend this item to any cat lover. Good quality

Great small Cat Gym

This is a great small cat gym. Our kitten loves playing on it. Was nice and easy to put together.

Very Good Buy

This item is exactly as displayed and for the price compared to what you will pay in the shops for a smaller item is an absolute bargain.Goes together quite easily and comes with the allan keys and all bolts and studs to do it and easy to follow directions.Buy this with confidence it is extremely good value. Very happy Shipped the very next day and has postal tracking.

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