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About Cat Toys

Cat toys must be the best solution to keep cats occupied and stop playing with other improper items like furniture or other fragile home decor display items. The sheer surprise and delight on a cat’s face while playing with a cat toy must melt your heart in one second, meanwhile without the concerns of cats’ breaking any items.

Cat playing shouldn’t stop at indoor playing, because outdoor interactive games can help to bond with your kittens well. That’s why we aim to offer interactive cat toys for outdoor playing of you and your cat. Besides, outdoor activities can keep kittens moving and satisfy their predatory instincts. At CrazySales, cat toys Australia are showcased online awaiting for your choice.

A Bored Cat is an Unhealthy Cat.

It’s easy to put yourself into your cat’s shoes by imagining how bored you would be if you stayed in a house without books, Wi-Fi and TV for several days. You must have been annoyed and insane! A cat usually spends more than ten hours sleeping but the remaining hours need to be enriched with fun and happiness.

The most obvious situation where a cat gets bored is the excessive attention seeking. As soon as you get home, your cat usually comes to lick your ankle and chase after you. But if she keeps doing so and makes you a little annoyed, you can’t think her devil because it’s just a signal to ask for more fun and accompany when you’re gone.

After buying a cat tunnel with a ball for your cat, the scene leaping into your eyes will be changed: you can see your cat roll herself inside the tunnel and keeps scratching the ball hanging on the hole. How cute she is while playing with the cat toy!

An Obese Cat isn’t Cute at All.

Usually our heart are melted when we see a fluffy fat meat ball, a cat begging for a hug. But actually obesity can cause many health problems on a cat, like human beings. Especially indoor cats who gain less opportunities to fight with other cats or search for food. As a dedicated cat owner, you’re responsible to encourage your cat to burn calories, instead of making her lying on a Cat Bed and shooting.

The most effective solution to cat’s obesity must be the outdoor activities, with some fun cat toys certainly. Take a foldable cat tunnel and your cat in a Cat Carrier, then go to the wild and enjoy the playing with your fluffy friend. Moreover, with a three-way tunnel your cat will run or walk in more directions to gain fun.

Indoor exercise can be carried out as long as you get some proper cat toys. Cat climbers and Cat Trees are available for all indoor cats. Even if you failed to spare time for their outdoor playing, these cat toys can keep them occupied all day long when you’re gone.