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About Chicken Feeder

Chicken feeders have a number of benefits to chicken and poultry owners. Wherever the chicken coop or cage is located, it can attract uninvited visitors like racoons and rats which would be a danger to the life of your chooks and their food. A poultry feeder can effectively protect and safely store a flock's feed. Besides, a feeder can keep chicken's feed from germs, soil and moisture and provide clean and uncontaminated food for your animals. Better yet, when using a hen feeder, your chickens will get a regulated supply of feed to avoid food fights so that you do not need to worry about wastage.

The automatic chicken feeder can share the burden of feeding poultry chores. With a large 9kg capacity of chicken feed, your chooks, ducks and geese will never be hungry even you go outside for a period of time. The lid of this auto chicken feeder is designed to prevent poultry feed from stealing by wild birds, rats and other pests, while it can be lifted easily by the weight of your chicken when they stand on the treadle. Featuring high-quality and durable galvanized steel construction, the rat proof chicken feeder is waterproof and rustproof. 

The 10kg automatic chicken feeder claims to cut your chicken feed bill and saves you from rushing home to feed your chickens every day. With an ample 10kg capacity of chicken feeder, the large chicken feeder has a high-quality galvanized steel finish which is built to last in the toughest outdoor elements. What's more, this chicken food feeder comes with a built-in anti-flick grill to stop chickens from throwing food out and avoid wastage. It is rat and bird proof to protect feed from stealing by intruding animals, but is ergonomically designed to allow chickens to stand on the treadplate to feed.

The auto self-open treadle feeder is one of the popular models by users. Crafted from premium galvanized iron with a rust-proof coating, the metal chicken feeder provides strong resistance towards water, making it suitable for rainy weather. A solid and durable structure helps withstand long term and regular use. Engineered with a large container to hold up to 7.5L of feed, the galvanized chicken feeder eases your everyday feeding tasks and frees you from hassles. Easy to assemble with simple instructions, the rodent proof chicken feeder is cost-effective and low-maintenance.

Whichever chicken feeder you decide to buy, you need to make sure it is reliable and works well with your chook. View our website to find the chicken feeder that is best suited to your budget and needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team.