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Owning a house a dream, keeping it clean can be a nightmare. Crazy Sales help you keep your home in immaculate condition without the cost of a maid or professional cleaners. No longer argue over whose turn it is to take out the garbage.

Our range of rubbish bins makes it easy to sort and remove your garbage. Avid recyclers and busy moms will appreciate or automatic sensor rubbish bins or our dual compartment trash cans. No spills, leaks or smells! Our discount priced spin mops make it cleaning the floor a breeze. Check out our range of laundry basket trolleys that allow you to take a full three loads in three colors right to your washing machine. Crazy Sales aims to make your cleaning organized, easy and cheap!

Cleaning Supplies Reviews

5 out of 5 from 6035 reviews
I Bought It For The Power Saving Not Performance

I have used the Clothes Dryer a few times now. It works okay with most of the clothes that need drying except the heavy ones like jeans and heavy towels etc. They need more time and because of that reason I039m not sure If you would benefit on the 35 power saving it is said to offer.Also to help the unit it039s a good idea to give your clothes an extra go on the spin cycle on your washing machine that helps cut the drying time down. Setup is not as quick as opening the dryer door and throwing the clothes in and away you go no there039s more work involved but if the power savings are true then it worth the extra time.Overall it does do what it039s made for and at 13 the price of an normal average clothes dryer it039s a fair price for what you get. It039s easy to install light weight and fits easily in the corner of the room. It did take the chill off the air too so as a room warmer small room it039s okay too but not as good as a heater in any way.If you want something cheaper than a normal clothes dryer and are not in a hurry for your clothes to dry then this would be something to think about for sure not forgetting the power savings it offers and I hope delivers.

Great item

Bought this on behalf of a friend who is very time poor working some six to seven days a week. Has to wear Hi Viz clothers ie rain jackets long sleeve tops and thick trousers as is an outside worker. She says that the jacket etc dries within an hour and is really impressed with the performance.Prior to the purchase she sometimes would take days to dry out the items.She is more than happy with the dryer and as per the previous comment is a much better cheaper option to run than the big clothes dryers.Also nowerdays quite a bit of the clothes are unable to be tumble dried so this can be used with most items.

Ultrasonic Stainless Steel Multi Purpose Sonic Wave Cleaner

Excellent Product with good build quality works very well.Very Happy

Good Products are hard to find great products are rare

I bought these because I am always concerned that I will slip on the tiles after steaming or deep cleaning. These little beauties are the go. They save me from slipping and help dry the floor at the same time. When finished rip the pads off - they are velcroed to the soles - and chuck in the machine...too easy. Bought a set for my GF and she is using them too wash the floor and get a workout at the same time...I like it

super stainless steel

bought this item which we placed right in front of our lawn and was very happy with the quality and the overall performance of the product..we thought that the stainless steel body of this item is thin but to our surprise it was great Thank you CrazySales for the fast service ..good job

Wonderful bin

When i received it i thought it was a little too big for what i wanted but it has been excellent i love the preice how quick they sent it amp the quality of it.Love that the bins pull out so you can wash them if they get dirty. Wonderful thanks crazysales

Average 2.5 stars

I loved the idea of purchasing a solar powered bin but found that unless you placed the bin in direct sunlight for a large part of the day the batteries were hopeless.Our toddler also broke the closing mechanism within two weeks so I can039t comment on the longevity of the mechanism under normal circumstances.Needless to say I will not be purchasing a sensor bin in the future

Not Impressed

I purchased this item very recently and it arrived quickly thank you crazy sales. I was keen to start using it having a large family so put it all together quite easily - although it didnt come with any instructions. I have to say the concept is great which is why i bought it in the first place however the quality of the frame for the cart is very poor. The bags hold quite a decent amount of washing which is great but the handles slip off when you carry them over to empty into your washer and are somewhat not practical. The reason why i am not impressed is that after 2 days of use the whole frame collapsed and this is with one bag full - not even all three so the whole thing is in the bin - except for the bags which the kids will now use for their toys. Overall good concept but very poor execution. Wasted my money -


Very nice and goodFlore dray fastMor than i wish Thanks


This product is wonderful Highly recommended Received the item in 2 days

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