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Do you have a PC? You must since you're in this page, computers have always been helpful to us. Computers let us do tasks easily and efficiently, we need them for our day to day activities.

Computers have become a necessity these days to the point that we can't function without them. Although, computers are great there are things that it needs to function properly.

There are various Computer Components out there, that can be used to either enhance the unit's performance or prolong its life. Multiple Components such as: power supplies, cable connectors, cooling fans, mouse, keyboards and many more.

The Computer Components can be replaced to prolong PC life or simply improve computer performance. There are also things like USB chargers and USB connectors to make our lives easier. These days the right accessories can mean the difference of getting something done in a matter of minutes to hours. The right Computer Components can make your life easier.

Computer Components Reviews

5 out of 5 from 119 reviews
850w a power supply for gaming rig

Hello I bought this 850W Ccooler Power gaming PSU I have never install any PSU myself. I thought I give it a go. After replacing my old one600W in less than 20 minutes. I could not beleive it. The computer boot up every time in a single shot where as before it took 3-4 times to boot up as due to quotshort of powerquot. This unit built with heavy duty industrial parts so as 85 efficiency. The graphics runs much smoother now so as gaming. Time will tell .Thanks again.

digitalDVB TV Tuner USB 2.0

I bought this product..Very happy with the ease to install even for me im only a beginner. Great product. does what it says it does. Im very pleased..try it

Good quality cable - exceptional value

I ordered this product based purely on its price as my use would not be very demanding and I was therefore only looking for a quotcheapquot cable. To my surprise the cable when it arrived turned out to be of very good quality. The connector pins looked well made and the cable was extremely heavy and quite thick and hard to bend indicating to me the existence of some proper heavy duty electrical shielding. Plugged it in and it worked perfectly as expected.I ordered what I thought was a quotcheapquot product and finished up receiving a high quality product.On top of that the handling and delivery charge was very moderate and the cable arrived at my door within a few days.I highly recommend this product and this company.


very good product well built and would recommend to anyone at a very good price


Okay water and computers don039t usually mix but having this little fountain beside me on my computer desk helps releave tension and entertains me all day long. The colours change and the crystal turns in the water with the soft sound of a waterfall. A great talking point or just for relaxation. I feel like I039m on vacation every time I look over at the fountain.

Cooler Power 700 W is Gr8

There are a lot of different views of this product before i purchased it and here is what i think of itFirstly its not fake its great super low noise and very compact design and superb productCrazy Sales delivered it in few days and it was great that you can receive the product in just 3 daysHappy with it comes with a warrantyand a score of 10 out of 10 Hope you enjoyed it

Seasonic PSU

Great power supply unit fully compatible for systems that its designed for. Has adequate array of plugs and connectors. Reccommended

A reliable and fast way to play or record your data.

A quality product from Samsung with extra software a bonus. A far better way than using your computer internal drive.

Works well

Extends the use of my granddaughters computer.She loves it

Complete LAN toolkit in one package.

This toolkit has all the gear you need to make network cables and LAN connections. Test the cables with the network tester. Professional quality great value.

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