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Great printer for a great price Buy it NOW

I was shocked to read reviews and see the price for this printer so I had to try it out. Not having much experience with 3d printers I was a little worried that it would be beyond my ability to configure and get this printing with a decent amount of quality. I could not have been more wrong. Setup was as expected they ship you a box of parts with the base assembled and it is on you to assemble the rest. The instructions were very good no complaints there. I did watch a few videos on assembly and setup so I was ahead of the game there. During setup I took everything apart and made sure it was all square level tight moved freely without and slop and I am glad I did. Assembly took most of an afternoon and I was printing test prints that evening. Going through the normal testing temperatures for hot end retraction tests etc. it was discovered that the default settings were VERY close to what I found to be the best. I have since printed a couple kg of PLA with this and everything is going great The magnetic build plate is a godsend for removing prints you just lift it off and "roll" the mat off the part comes off super clean and easy.Overall I would HIGHLY recommend this printer for a hobbyist level user I cant speak to the use of this in a production environment since that is not what I use it for. I have printed a couple boxes for Pi 3 B and a couple for buck converters all flawless. I am super pleased I took a chance on buying such an inexpensive printer and very impressed with the quality that can be achieved with a minimal amount of tweaking.

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