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Construction Tools Reviews

5 out of 5 from 1841 reviews
Cement Mixer - CM-200 Ltr

Poor quality poor instructions but with lots of horsepower however unless you have your own engineering workshop and many free hours of time to correct all the faults those being misaligned and out of round components then my suggestion is - forget it.

Made my job so much easier

This platform made my job so much easier we have 3m high ceilings and I painted my whole 3 bedroom house - walls and ceilings kitchen lounge bedrooms etc I used it to scrub the walls and ceiling and to paint I don039t think I could have done as easy or as quick without this. Very sturdy very easy to assemble and disassemble very easy to move around. Cheaper and safer than trestles and planks

No fills but very effective

This scaffolding set is a good option for work around the house both inside and out. It is ruggedly constructed if a little 039agricultural039 in its general aesthetics and the finish of the welds.It provides a 175x75cm platform at heights between 68cm and 183cm. The side brackets provide acceptable stability but given the lack of horizontal diagonal struts the structure can be 039wobbled039 if you try throwing your body weight about. However it is certainly solid and safe enough to work confidently on.Since it is steel the unit weighs more than aluminum scaffolding but is manageable by one man with care. It takes a couple of mins to get it out of the shed and assemble it so you don039t use it change a light bulb but if you need to clean repair paint walls amp ceilings replace guttering re-point brickwork or install new down-lights.... it039s perfect. I have also been the beneficiary of a few cartons of beer from mates who have borrowed it -In use the platform is significantly safer more comfortable and more productive than a ladder or two and at this price I have been congratulating myself on my purchase every time I use it.

Baby size mixer for kids

This mixer was delivered in three days from purchase. It took 2 hours to put together with some difficulty with internal blades. It was baby size not even able to unload into a wheel borrow. Need to use a bucket. I mixed 6 loaders and the mixer stopped. Not happy at all and recommend do not buy if you are going to use it for normal cement mixer. It would be good for the kids to play with.

Good Cement Mixer

Good product for price. Instructions a bit hard to follow. Paint a little bit chipped.

Can039t wait to see it in action

I bought this mixer having read the other reviews which were contrasting. It did take 3 hours to put together and the instructions were ordinary yet everything was there. I think a non mechanical person might struggle to get it together correctly and I had to widen a couple holes so the bolts would line up. Using tape to hold the rubber gasket in place helped lots. It seems robust and worked first time but I am yet to mix any cement though. I reckon someone aught to put one together take some photos as they do so and write up an instruction sheet just for the Aussie market. These days it would be really easy to produce something like this and stick it on the box. Anyway I will be using it in the next month or so and will add some more comments then if it does the job at the price it looks fantastic value.

Comparative to those you can Purchase

Cement mixer is sturdy and the instruction booklet was easy to follow. My hubby and I put it together in a little over an hour once we made sure all the components were to hand. The motor fired up no problems I would give this item the thumbs up.

Love it

This product is worth buying for the value on it. very good condition and highly recommended to buy this as you can save a lot. Runs very good.

Great item

Great value for money soldering iron. The temp control is great. Heats up quickly and is easy to use. Nice size and weight.

Pleasantly surprised

I admit approaching this purchase with trepidation after reading the review but decided you only get what you pay for.All the bolts nuts etc. are in categorised numbered plastic bags but had difficulty recognising the number from the bag photo in the manual. It was only after finishing assembly I noticed the single page of paper that showed which bag went with which assembly. Had to redo a couple of items but that was my fault I should have read all the info not just what I thought was the manual.It is a big mixer but it was no great trouble assembling on my own in a few hours.I had 3 professional concreters working at my home on the day it arrived and they were quite impressed when they saw it in service so I thought it will do me.

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