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Fashion and modern kitchen become a new fashion trend in people's daily lives, so good choosing of cookware not only can embody one's fashion taste, but also has the ability to provide people a better eating environment. Cookware comprises cooking vessels, such as saucepans and frying pans, intended for use on a stove or range cooktop. Cookware can be classified into many types according to materials, including ceramics cookware, stainless steel cookware, anodized aluminum cookware, cast iron cookware, copper cookware and so on. Nowadays, cookware in any material you choose are designed much more scientifically and beautiful. But when you choose, following can be the reference:

Copper is an excellent conductor of heat, which makes copper pans a delight to cook with and worth the price. Copper pans heat food evenly and react to cooking temperatures incredibly quickly, offering greater control over the cooking process. Copper is highly reactive with acidic and alkaline foods, however, so most copper pans are lined with tin or stainless steel. We offer two gauges of copper pans, both of which are lined with stainless steel on the inside.

Aluminum is lightweight and highly heat conductive, meaning it will react quickly to changes in cooking temperature. Aluminum is resistant to rust and corrosion and in kitchen items is commonly available in both sheet (example: cookie sheets) and cast (example: bund pans) forms. When aluminum is anodized (a process of thickening the natural aluminum oxide layer on the exterior of the metal), it is hard and non-reactive, which makes it common for cooking equipment. When uncoated (unionized), aluminum is highly reactive to acidic and alkaline foods and can oxidize when in contact with foods such as egg yolks, asparagus, and artichokes.

Iron cookware is an economical option great for high temperatures and stove-to-oven recipes. The pans are relatively heavy and slow to heat, but once at temperature can retain heat for long periods of time and heat very evenly. Because they can get to high temperatures, they are ideal for searing and work beautifully in an oven as well as on a stovetop. These pans require seasoning (some a sold pre-seasoned, but still require regular seasoning), which along with regular use will help them to develop a non-stick surface. Without seasoning, rust can develop. Iron is reactive with acidic and alkaline foods (like tomatoes or wine). In the store we offer two types of iron pans, which is heavier and has a coarser surface texture, and stamped iron, which is thinner, lighter, and with a smooth surface. The stamped iron pans are not pre-seasoned.

Enameled cast iron pans have most of the same benefits of uncoated cast iron pans at a higher price point. They are heavy and slow to heat, but retain heat well. They are great for browning and can move from stove to oven easily. They do not require seasoning and are non-reactive, but are not non-stick and cannot develop a non-stick layer. They also come in a variety of colors.

Raw carbon steel pans provide great non-stick cooking without artificial coatings and with much less weight than cast iron. These pans require seasoning, which along with regular use will help to develop a beautiful non-stick surface, perfect for cooking eggs and any other circumstances where you need a little more slip. Without seasoning, rust can develop. Carbon steel reacts quickly to temperature changes and can withstand high heat, making it a common material for woks and cr?pe pans. These pans are slightly heavier than aluminum, stainless steel, or copper/copper core pans but significantly lighter than cast iron. Carbon steel is reactive with acidic and alkaline foods (like tomatoes or wine).

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Cookware Reviews

5 out of 5 from 23 reviews

service was very fast package was perfectly safe and most importantly quality of this cookset is excellent.. best price in victoria and beleive me because i checked before i bought..I am one happy customer.. thank you


I love this set it has all the components of a cook-ware set you would need in your kitchen. Most of all I love that they go from stove-top to oven to get professional finishes to your culinary creations. They look great and feel very comfortable in the hand. I cant believe just how fast the service is here I have already been back for more and will be again. Thanks for a fantastic stress free online shopping experience.

excellent value

These containers are just great.Lids fit nice and tight and handles make for easy handling.

Great rack

Works like dream in our webber QGreat product at a realistic price.Could not be happier with it.

great item

Have been looking for a pudding dish for some time to make steamed puddings found this one and now have introduced my inlaws to the desserts we were given as children. This pudding steamer is better than those that granma used.

Love it

I bought this supposedly as a gift for a housewarming but i was so tempted to have a close look at it and i just loved it so i decided to keep iti used it the day i got it

Good Value

Good value for money.Tried it last night and the base of the pizza was nice and crisp- no more soggy bottoms

I love both items I have purchased

I have ordered a Stanley Rogers cookware set and a doona and sheet set. I am very impressed with the products and also the customer service. I received my items within 3 days of ordering which I thought was fantastic. The web site is so easy to navigate and use. Crazy Sales make online shopping an easy and pleasurable experience. I would recommend them to any body.

For Limited Stove Tops

This is a very handy PanPot for small cooktops as there are no large handles to worry about. It is deep amp non-stick amp can be used as a pan or pot. A good size as well as it holds quite a lot for it039s size.

Great Item got me into the good books with my wife

Not so much my review but my wifes she has tried a lot of this sort of product but is over the moon with this onethe size is A1 and its made to last great item for any would be cook.


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