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About Cycling

Learning to ride a bike is part of most people's childhood, but they also can play a big part in adult life. Bicycles are a convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transport, an excellent way to exercise and just plain old fun! At Crazy Sales we have bikes and accessories to make sure you stay on your bike as long as possible! Our repair tool kits will fulfil your every need when giving your bike a service or mending a troublesome puncture while on the road.

Besides repairs, we all know how intimidating a massive slope can be on a hot day coming home from work, to help your thighs make the distance Crazy Sales has a motorised bicycle engine kit that will be a life saver on those tougher routes. If you're interested in a bit of a thrill, why not branch out and try one of our unicycles? Unicycles can improve your balance immensely, are a great ab workout and will impress all your friends!

Crazy Sales also has all your bike rack needs covered. Car bike racks for two or four bikes, bicycle racks for securing your trusty steed with ease outside. For the best prices on cycling goods online, don't go past Crazy Sales!