Make your own dried fruit snacks and enjoy both delicious and nutritious! Dehydrators are designed to help dry a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, flowers and herbs without added preservatives. With a food dehydrator, you could create your own healthy snacks from fruit roll ups to beef jerky, dried fruits and muesli. Food dryer is the perfect solution for school lunches, picnics, camping, backpacking and everyday snacks! The best food dehydrator we offer at CrazySales has a unique powerful drying system that produces even and fast drying, every single time. Its horizontal airflow eliminates the need to re-stack trays, and allows for fine control of temperature as no heat is lost during the drying cycle.

Find an elegant and easy way to dehydrate raw whole living foods, preserving the natural nutritional value and taste without using artificial preservatives here. Compared to other leading dehydrators, we offer unsurpassed performance utilizing the latest digital dehydrating technologies with accurate temperature controls. Most food dehydrators keep temperature constant, causing 'case hardening': food dried on the surface with remaining moisture still trapped inside - this moisture differential increases the risk of bacterial, yeast and mould growth. The best dehydrator at CrazySales creates a hyper-wave fluctuation and varies heat through the drying cycle, eliminating 'case hardening' and delivering dried food without any residual moisture, dry enough to be powdered!

The Maxkon fruit dehydrator is a best-selling food dehydrator worldwide for good reason: it is made to a high engineering quality and gives reliable performance, time after time. Its case does not produce any harmful fumes while in use, unlike cheaper styrene dehydrators. The thermostat ranges from quite low to high temperatures and provides fine control on temperature and precision drying. The range is low enough to preserve living nutrients but high enough to make meat jerky safely. Buy it today and enjoy your home-made healthy snacks.

Dehydrators Reviews

5 out of 5 from 1132 reviews
Not completely happy with this item

I bought this product 11 months ago and was very happy with it until a couple of months ago when two of the plastic trays started snappingbreaking in places near the outer edge when the product was in use. Both trays were still usable until this morning when a whole section of the outer edge of one of the damaged trays snapped off when I was wiping it. For this reason I would not recommend it to a friend.


We cannot fault this dehydrator cheap to buy initially and it hasn039t stopped since it arrived fruitvegiesbeef jerky it has not given any dramas and works well


what a great product would recommend for anyone best price on the net and very fast delivery

Great Item

I have had my dehydrator for over a year now after being recommended by a friend. I have had no problems and the trays have been through the dishwasher on numerous occasions without any issues. I make plenty of Beef Jerky and dehydrate fruit for snacks and vegetables for making my own healthy instant noodle soup. I am purchasing another one for a Christmas gift this year.

Maxkon Food Dehydrator

From the moment I received this product I was amazed The compact design yet spacious trays allowed for multiple dehydrating039s at the same time. The product works well and I have had it running for 8 hours each time I039ve used it without any troubles. This product is a great beginners or budgeters dehydrator that does the job and wont bust the bank. Only down fall is unlike other more expensive versions this particular model does not have an automatic timer. Would recommend to anyone wanting to create endless supplies of dried foods.

I love my dehydrator

I loved my dehydrator so much that I purchased another for a friend of mine. She too is impressed with how easy it is to use and how quickly one can dry fruit veges and make beef jerky.

Excellent product

This is a great buy. I was a bit worried as it was so cheap but it works really well and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to dry their own fruit vegetables and activated nuts.


The Food Dehydrator is excellent. It can be set from quite low to high temperatures. It was less than half the price of similar products elsewhere I found. I worked out that I can make dried apples at about 13rd the cost of the commercial variety if I use the cheaper or 039ripe fruit039 apples from the green grocer. You can use just one or two trays or the whole five. It is something that you can do together with your kids in the kitchen even if they are little you can cut the fruit and they can place it on the trays. Good fun

Food Dehydrator was a replacement for a previous one

I was surprised the food dried very quickly saving electricity.

Maxkon round food dehydrator

I love the idea of the product and it was great for the first couple of months. However the trays are very badly affected by heat. They become extremely brittle and crumble after about a dozen uses. The replacement trays are not the same size and are advertised incorrectly as being 3.5cm high when they are actually 3.00cm high.

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