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About Dimmable LED Globes
In the past, the fact that LED lights weren't dimmable may have been a barrier to switching over. However after upgrade of technology, we're proud of showing you the fabulous dimmable LED lights.

Dimmable LED light bulbs are important for applications where variable light levels are required such as when giving an office presentation with a projector or relaxing in your lounge room watching TV or sipping wine versus reading a book or playing a board game. Similarly bedroom LED lighting is typically dimmed prior to bed but can be made brighter when getting ready to go out or early in the morning. Having the right colour light such as a bright natural or cool white can even help you to wake up in the morning and is even used to treat sleep disorders particularly relating to shift work.

Hence, depending on the situation and activity you may need to adjust the LED light level to a more comfortable or more optimal level rather than having your light bright all the time. Another advantage of dimmable light bulbs is energy savings. When an LED light bulb is dimmed the current is reduced and therefore the power consumption resulting in a further saving in electricity. CrazySales is proud to present these brand dimmable LED lights. Big discount and fast free shipping should be the best reason you choose us!