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About Dog Accessories

The dog raising job can be much simplified if you, as a dog owner, get the dog accessories at CrazySales. It would be not easier to make your dog live truly healthy and happy, from the pet diet to their entertainment. We’ve prepared a complete range of pet accessories online, including dog stairs, Dog Grooming products, dog car ramps, pet carriers and so on.

Dog stairs and dog steps are necessary for puppies, older or diagnosed pets to assist with their high spot problems. With portable dog stairs, your dog can climb up to anywhere he wants. Meanwhile you don’t have to worry about the safety issue caused by your dog’s reaching high spots. Our dog stairs made of metal frames are sturdy enough to guarantee the safety of every step. And they’re coated with soft fabric cover so that pets won’t be hit by the hard metal frames. Whether your dog needs assistance to get into a car, or fails to climb up to the bed, our dog steps can offer the access to anywhere in safety.

Besides pet stairs, we also have many stylish and humane pet carriers for your dog’s trips. A durable backpack with a transparent glass window allows pets to check out the outside world. A cloth carrier is lighter and more portable to take your pet around by relieving your hands. If you can’t find the fitting carrier for your dog, move to our Pet Travel section to find out more.

The cleaning of pets’ waste is a troublesome and annoying job during pet raising. But in won’t be after using our pet poo scoopers. No need to touch the waste and only some simple steps to operate the model, you can clean the poo easily with no worries about the bacteria. To train your pets better, we also have a series of Dog Training pads and mats to make your pets behave well.

The dog accessory range of CrazySales covers almost all aspects of pets’ life, coming in dog stairs, dog seat covers and dog waste scoopers. To pamper your dogs and cats, it’s necessary to get more pet supplies online to improve their life and simplify the pet raising chores. Only then will you and your pet live happily together.