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About Dog Collars & Harness

A dog collar can be used on a dog for better control, identification, fashion and more. It usually comes with a leach so that people can handle their dogs. Dog harness functions similarly to horses’ like guiding, hauling or pulling human being or a cart. Here at CrazySales, we have a great selection of dog collars, dog harnesses, anti-bark collars, electric dog collars and even dog shock collars to fit every need of yours. If you’re not sure about which one to choose, check out their detailed functions here.

The bark collar is a humane and harmless way to help your dog bark less. There are various adjustable levels and training modes like beep, vibration and gentle shock. Choose any types you need to effectively stop the barking. Dog bark collar’s intelligent design makes sure it only senses barking vibration instead of sound, which means dogs’ barking nearby won’t trigger it. The anti-bark collar has no harm to dogs but effective on training. The combination of warning and vibration will teach your dog to stop barking in a short time.

Regular dog collars have diverse designs and are made of different materials. For example, buckle collars or flat collars have a buckle to hold the collar loosely around the neck to which identification is usually attached. To further ensure your dogs’ safety, you could choose a break-away collar or a safety stretch collar. Either of them will minimize your dogs’ risk of being strangled.

Dog harnesses are served as an effective training tool, especially for puppies. While its collar encircles the neck, the H-style harness has a loop to surround the dog’s torso. For that, harness usage is becoming popular among many pet owners as it reduces the stress placed on a dog’s neck while walking on a leash. Many of them are designed to look like clothes which are perfect for smaller breed dogs, being cute and safe at the same time.

We have many different styles of dog collars: LED dog collar, electric dog collar, dog harness with a vest, bark collar and dog shock collar. A collar or a dog harness is no doubt that a better way to go out with your pups. Make your daily walk with your little one perfect. There are many other functional and practical dog supplies here at CrazySales.