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About Dog Crates

CrazySales is the specialist in pet supplies, especially in pet houses, dog crates and kennels. Crates can be used for different reasons - they can be used to crate train your puppy and to transport your dog by car or public transport. Crating your dog in Australia is a new concept which should not be viewed as a cage. It actually gives your dog a safe place to stay when used in the right way and as well as be an effective training tool. Here we supply and deliver a variety of essential dog crates including metal, plastic and fabric crates and carriers. With the aim to have the best range of sizes, colours and styles around, we hold all products in stock for immediate delivery. CrazySales has a range of dog crates for sale online suitable for all sized dogs. Check out our size calculator to see what size house will suit your pet best.

CrazySales understands that different dogs have different needs, which is why we have dog transport crates to suit any types of dogs. Whether you require a reliable large dog transport, or you need a crate sending a tiny puppy, find crate here that guarantees their comfort and safety. When you are looking for secure and sturdy dog crates online, come to CrazySales for a perfect purchase. Here you can find high quality dog carriers with different levels of visibility. Some have cloth walled sides with air vents whereas others feature a wired cage top where dogs can see their surroundings. Some dogs may feel safer with walls whilst others may like to view outside the cate. What’s more, the most important thing when selecting a crate or carrier, is firstly you need to make sure it’s the right size for your dog. If it’s too big or too small then it won’t be affective, nor will it be comfortable! Ideally your dog will have enough room in their crate to get up and turn in a circle.

As a specialist in pet enclosures, we stock one of the largest and most affordable ranges of dog crates, dog cages, dog beds, dog kennels, pet carrier, dog house, cat cage, dog pen in Australia. Whether you’re in need of a large dog crate for an injured dog, a collapsible travel crate for everyday use, or a small crate for puppy training, or a carrier for transporting your puppy, you will find something to suit your need at CrazySales pet store. And if you have any queries, call our customer service team who will bend over backwards to help you.