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About Dog Doors

The dog doors are not only an extra exclusive entrance for your pets, but also a key to the freedom of you and your pets. Your furry family members can come in and out as they please, and you don’t have to open the doors for them every time, which leaves you free to get on with more important things. We’ve stocked many pet doors Australia in various sizes and designs, available to suit virtually any size cat or dog.

Featured with durable ABS plastic frames and safe closure, our durable pet doors allow owners to save more time on opening the door. Four waterproof sheets form a durable sealant for most doors made of wood, brick or metal. With a magnetic closure design, it would be easy for your pets to push the panel with their head. On the bottom side of the closure panel, there’s soft furry flap to ensure that there would be no noise at all when pets come in and out. After getting one of our dog doors, you won’t be bothered by the in and out of your pets any more.

When the cat flap is unused, there’s a locking panel for you to lock the pet door easily. Push the panel down to plug the panel into the hole, and the door can be closed and locked safely. The opening is convenient too, since all you need to do is pressing the locking panel button and removing the panel. There must be certain time that you want to keep your dogs and cats inside for their safety, therefore it’s necessary to equip the locking panel just in case.

If you’re tired of getting up to open the door for your cat and dog at night or in the daytime, our modern pet doors are the solutions. We can assist you to find the most suitable dog door or other Dog Accessories at CrazySales.