An egg incubator is electrically heated with a thermostat and can turn eggs to hatch them when necessary. It can keep eggs warm and in the correct humidity. An incubator can not only hatch chicken eggs but also duck eggs, quail eggs and other bird eggs, even reptile eggs. Chicken eggs usually take about 21 days to hatch and other eggs may be longer. Purchase a high quality guaranteed chicken brooder can save you from loads of hard work.

When you decide to buy an egg incubator, you need to figure out how many eggs you want to hatch at the same time. CrazysSales provide different capacities of automatic egg incubators for sale that some of them can hold as many as almost 100 eggs. They can 360 degrees fully warm each egg without dead angle, from inside to outside. The heating and temperature control are gentle and mile, which definitely won’t hurt the fertilized eggs. All incubators have a clear window covering the eggs so that you can monitor the incubation process without interrupting them. The digital temperature control area allows for easy temperature setting and other operations. Humidity is also important for hatching eggs. An automatic egg incubator has its special cooling and ventilation system to keep a proper humidity and temperature that hatching needs exactly. If the hatching environment is within proper temperature and humidity level it will guarantee a successful hatching

Egg incubators at CrazySales Australia are ideal for home use or educational activities. They are made of durable and non-toxic PP material with a great reputation among peasants. Depending on their different capacities, people can choose them for cultivating hobbies, breeding poultry at home or on a farm accordingly. People may also use it to start a poultry business. If you choose a lightweight and compact incubator, you can place it in your home or a classroom for scientific studies.

Egg Incubators Reviews

5 out of 5 from 406 reviews
Extraordinary Incubator

I received the Incubator in an acceptable period of time and promptly put it to work . I incubated both duck and chook eggs.with surprising results . I did however have to purchase a thermometer and humidity meter as these were not supplied with the product . The thermostat was efficient and kept the eggs at just the right temperature but without the thermometer I wouldn039t have been able to determine this .


Good incubator easy to operate easy to view what is happening inside without opening the lid. Great price and arrived in a very timely manner thanks guys very happy

Good Machine

Easy to use 10yr has hatched 2 lots of eggs with an 80 success rate with both lots candling the eggs 7 days after incubation works well.


Great item. Works well. have not had any problems thus far. Recommend to anyone in the market for one. Reasonable price and fantastic and quick delivery.

Good value for money.

The incubator is easy to use and maintain. Like the ability to incubate up to 60 eggs at a time.

love it

I have owned many incubators over the years but this one is quiet easy to clean and operate with a good hatch as a result

My daughter loves this item

This auto incubator is great we just put up a 4M x 4M aviary and this unit can incubate eggs from quail up to duck. Its compact and only needs checking once a day to keep up the water level.fantastic.

Incubator - poultry

A nice little compact incubator for hatching a few chicks at a time does its job well. Fits into small space not bulky very handy.

Simple but effective

Easy to use and clean at the completion of the incubation cycle instructions are clear and easy to follow. Would strongly recommend this to the small farm holder

Example I love this item

I have just set 30 eggs and am having great fun with my new incubator looking forward to many engoyable settings it is an easy machine to work out thank you very much for this item yours Pamla

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