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About Electric Heaters

As soon as the cold winter months arrive, electric heaters are widely used to produce enough warmth for people either indoors or outdoors. Crazysales provides a large amount of space heater options for selection, each of them offer a slightly different means of heat. We hope you can find the right one here to meet your needs!

Unlike kerosene heater or gas heater, the electric infrared heater is safer and securer in that it uses advanced radiant technology, offering radiant heat to quickly reach optimum temperature to keep your warm, as well as preventing you from risk of asphyxiation. Some electric heaters are fitted with built-in thermostats and junction boxes resistant to high temperature, some are wall heaters or ceiling heaters which are silent and maintenance-free operation with adjustable mountable rackets. This type of electric heater is approved to the highest Australian electrical standards and can be installed at any space indoors or outdoors with its exquisite styling and impressive features, it is energy-saving and cost affordable to use.

Convector heaters here include the wall mounted heaters and panel heaters. The wall mounted convection heater has no in-built fan to avoid noise and dust flow, suitable for asthmatic and dust allergy sufferers. Besides, this indoor electric heater is simple to install and with its non-exposed electric heat element and minimal wall protrusion, ideal for any home or office in winter. The panel heater utilizes efficient convection technology to warm any room fast and maintain the temperature effectively. This portable heater also works quietly with its equally easy operation. 

Fan heater is the lightest and most movable type of heater. Equipped with a power indicator light and overheat protection, it is assured that you are safe while staying comfortably warm. In addition, even if the winter is over, you do not need to fret because this heater can be used as a cool fan. While ceramic heater is designed with powerful energy-efficient settings, built-in timer and remote control, it is especially great when you are staying on your bed and do not want to get up to turn it off. 

All the electric heaters possess their respective convenient features and impressive performance. Now get one for yourself without any hesitation! If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us.